My graduate students (2003-2004)

Students of Dr. Charles Hall:

  • Joseph Cornell, PhD, Tropical land use change
  • Wu Wei, PhD, Water budgets in Puerto Rico
  • Mercy Borbor, PhD, Land use and water quality change in Ecuador
  • Jerry Mead, PhD, Measuring and modeling energetics of a small stream.
  • Laura Schmitt, PhD, Possibilities of development on the Island of Negros, the Philippines.
  • Rudriksha Rai, MS, Population and resources for Nepal [WWF}
  • Nancy Harris, PhD, Photosynthesis and respiration over a mountain gradient in Puerto Rico.
  • Aileen Guzman, PhD, Projecting future resource requirements for City of Manila
  • Masha Minor, PhD, Environmental impacts of short rotation willow plantations. [Massey University, N.Z.]
  • John Hallock, MS, Impacts of dams on stream macrobenthos.
  • Ben Rubin, PhD, Forest,health in N.Y. [PostDoc, Michigan State]
  • Timm Kroeger, PhD, Optimizing air pollution control in Lima [Defenders of Wildlife]
  • Mamadou Chetima, MS, Population and productivity in Niger [PhD program Cornell Univ.]
  • Amy Chen, PhD, Environmental impact of urbanization near San Juan
  • Leandro Castello, PhD, Optimal management of Amazon fisheries.