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B.S. (Biology) 1968, LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York

M.S. (Biology) 1971, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey

Research Microbiologist, Merck & Co., Rahway, New Jersey, 1970-73

Ph.D. (Microbiology) 1976, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (1976-1979), Colorado State University, Department of Microbiology

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Membership in The American Academy of Microbiology
Membership in the American Society for Microbiology
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President, Central New York Branch of The American Society for Microbiology. 1991 & 1992.

BioResources (current)
Journal of Industrial Microbiology (past)
Applied and Environmental Microbiology

State University of New York, Chancellor's Award: "In recognition of exemplary contributions to research conducted at the State University of New York," Albany, New York, October 24, 2002.