Dylan Parry, PhD

State university of New York

College of Environmental Science and forestry


About Myself

Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental & Forest Biology


University of Alberta (BS, MS), Michigan State University (PhD), University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Post-Doctoral)


Email: dparry@esf.edu

Mailing Address:

State University of New York

College of Environmental Science and Forestry

1 Forestry Drive, 246 Illick Hall

Syracuse, NY 13210







I am interested in many aspects of ecology, including conservation biology, population dynamics, invasive species, and life-history strategies. My research focuses on invertebrates, particularly moths (Lepidoptera) in temperate forests, their predators, parasitoids, and pathogens. 

Current projects:

  1. Role of climate, adaptation, and anthropogenic factors on the spread of invasive species using the gypsy moth invasion of North America as a model system.

  2. Conservation of Lepidoptera in pine barrens ecosystems

  3. Non-target effects of genetically modified blight resistant American chestnut on leaf-feeding insects.

  4. Mechanisms underlying the imperilment of native giant silk moths in the Northeastern US.

Many questions that interest me apply broadly to the fields of community, population, and evolutionary ecology.  I encourage graduate students to pursue topics of their own interest or at least develop independent streams of research as a component of their program.

Prospective students with backgrounds or interest in entomology, ecology, invasive species, or conservation biology are urged to apply.  Please contact me if you are interested in graduate research in my laboratory. While applicants at the PhD level are preferred, I have had and will continue to accept high quality MS students.


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