My laboratory has several ongoing projects in a variety of different disciplines.  I have ongoing collaborations with researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, University of Washington, US Forest Service, and NY State DEC.


Biological Invasions

(1)   Range expansion and contraction of gypsy moth populations across its North American geographic distribution

(2)   Spatial spread of invading European woodwasp (Sirex noctilio) populations


Insect Population Ecology

(1)  Forest tent caterpillar populations in time and space

(2)  Potential non-target effects of transgenic blight resistant American chestnut on insect herbivores.


Insect Conservation

(1) Population declines in giant silk moths

(2) Imperiled Lepidoptera in pine barrens habitats including:

                        - Karner blue butterfly

                        - Barrens buck moth

                        - A community of other endemic Lepidoptera