Parry Lab



Current Graduate:

Georgia Keene - The effects of sharp phenological gradients in leaf development on barrens buck moth development and abundance.

Wendy Leuenberger -

Dave Nesbitt - Lepidopteran communities in riparian ash stands prior to emerald ash borer arrival

Neil Schoppmann - Pine barrens restoration efforts on moth communities past and present

Aaron Brown - Non-target effects of transgenic blight resistant American chestnut on parasitoids and pathogens of forest Lepidoptera

Past Graduate:

Chris Standley - Parasitism and Phenology of the Invasive European Woodwasp Sirex noctilio

Keith Post - Non target effects of blight resistant transgenic American chestnut on foliage feeding Lepidoptera

Phil Barber - The effect of invasive water chestnut on aquatic invertebrates

Brian Hoven  - Fire based restoration of the Albany pine barrens and its effect on natural enemies of barrens buck moth

Jen Selfridge  -  Habitat differences and the vulnerability of barrens buck moth to parasitoids in Cape Cod National Seashore

Nicole Werner

Past Undergraduate Theses:

Graham Tuttle - non-target effects of a biological control agent on native giant silk moths

Andreas Garzon - parasitism of forest tent caterpillar cocoons in post-outbreak and declining populations

Louise Potter - geographic variation in egg attributes of gypsy moth