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APPENDIX JLaboratory Inspection Program


The College’s continuing evolution of safety concern, focusing on the health and well being of the community members, has centered on the need for proactive programs to prevent potential injuries. The responsibility for laboratory safety rests with us all, as does the liability when it is lacking. The Environmental Health & Safety Office has been given the charge of providing the vehicle for assuring our laboratories are in compliance with the various state and federal safety regulations.


Annual Laboratory Inspection

  1. Faculty Chair/Unit Head notified one week prior to inspection.
  2. Laboratory Director(s) notified one week prior to inspection.
  3. Inspection team -- two members
  4. Inspection categories:
    a.   Housekeeping
    b.   Chemical Storage
    c.   Hazard Communication
    d.   Personal Protective Equipment
    e.   Ventilation
    f.    Spill Clean-up
    g.   Waste Management
    h.   Emergency
    I.    Compressed Gas
    j.    Mechanical
    k.   Electrical
    l.    Radiation Safety
  5. Inspection procedure
    a.  Inspection Team (Laboratory Director(s), Faculty Chair/Unit Head, or designee may accompany) will inspect all items in the laboratory and indicate compliance or non-compliance, with safety codes, on the Laboratory Inspection Check List.
    b.  A copy of the completed Laboratory Inspection Check List shall be given to the Laboratory Director(s) and Faculty Chair/Unit Head.
    c.  Any life threatening situations shall be corrected immediately during the inspection.
    d.  Any safety or health code violations shall be corrected as soon as possible.