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Radioactive materials are used at ESF for teaching and research.

The Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for the development of policies that ensure a safe work environment and comply with federal and state guidelines for the proper acquisition, use and disposal of radioactive materials.  The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is responsible for overseeing and enforcing these policies, for licensing designated users, monitoring the use of radioisotopes, record keeping, reports, training, radioactive emergencies, and overseeing the disposal of radioactive materials.

Laboratory Directors must ensure that the entrances to all laboratories using radioactive materials are properly labeled with a radioactive hazard sign, and that all operations that use radioactive materials are clearly labeled. The Laboratory Director is responsible to ensure that the personnel within their laboratory are made aware of the hazards associated with radioactive materials.

All personnel who use radioactive materials must be familiar with the procedures contained in the Radiation Safety Manual for the College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  The RSO has the authority to identify and act on all violations or deficiencies found with respect to the College’s radiation policy.  Contact the Radiation Safety Officer for additional information.

(See Radiation Safety Manual)