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Effort Reporting FAQs

1. What is Effort Reporting?

Effort reporting is the method of certifying to the federal granting agencies that the effort required as a condition of the award has actually been completed.

2. What is eCRT?

eCRT is The Research Foundation for SUNY's online effort reporting tool that is used by Principal Investigator's to facilitate effort certification. eCRT training and resources are available on the effort reporting page.

3. Why do I have to certify my effort?

Federal regulations require certification of effort spend by all employees whose salaries are charged directly to federal and federal flow-through funds, as well as for reporting cost sharing associated with those awards.

4. Who has to certify?

An effort report will be generated for any employee whose salary or any portion of salary is charged to a federally sponsored award, including federal flow-through funds, and for any employees with a cost sharing commitment associated with a federal or federal flow-through fund. If effort was committed on a sponsored project charged to a federal or federal flow-through fund, the report must be certified.

5. Am I required to certify for graduate students or other individuals paid from my grant(s)?

The College of Environmental Science and Forestry will continue its current practice having the Principal Investigator certify for individuals with salary charges on their federal or federal flow-thru sponsored funded grants.

6. What happens if I don't complete the certification?

All Principal Investigators are required to certify the effort on their sponsored project for all individuals whose salaries are charged directly to their federal and federal flow-through award or for effort identified as cost share. If you do not certify your effort report, you will not be in compliance with federal regulations. The university is then at risk of losing existing and future funding from sponsoring agencies.

7. How often must I certify my effort?

You are required to certify three times per year during your active project. At the end of the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters.

8. How will I know when I have to certify my effort?

You will be notified via email when the certification period begins and the date by which the certification must be completed.

9. How do I access the eCRT system?

eCRT is accessible at the following URL:

10. Which browser does eCRT support?

Recommended browsers are listed below in the order of best user experience:

  • Latest version of Firefox

  • Latest version of Google Chrome

  • Latest version of Safari for Mac computers

  • Internet Explorer 9

NOTE: If using Internet Explorer, it is best to run it in Compatibility view.

11. What is my username and password?

Your username and password are the same as your username and password for the Report Center and Oracle. Your username will also be on the Action Required e-mail after your name.

12. What if I don't agree with what my effort statement says?

If you have any question regarding the information on your effort statement, please contact Anne Riehlman Knapp at OR call 315-470-6682/6606..

13. My total effort does not equal 100 percent. What should I do?

An effort statement may display a total effort percentage in the range of 98.00 – 102.00 percent due to the manner in which eCRT handles rounding. This is acceptable and compliant as this is a tolerable range. If a statement indicates a total percentage outside of that range, please contact Anne Riehlman Knapp OR call 315-470-6682/6606.