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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Participating Faculty in Climate and Energy (C&E)

Name Email Research Keywords
Aidan Ackerman acackerm@esf.edu visual impact assessment, landscape adaptation and mitigation, 3D modeling, rendering, virtual reality, digital fabrication, GIS, BIM, CAD
Colin Beier cbeier@esf.edu climate science, natural climate solutions, forest carbon, landscape modeling, greenhouse gas accounting, climate policy
Siddharth Chatterjee schatterjee@esf.edu alternative energy
Josh Cousins jcousins@esf.edu political-industrial ecology, energy transitions, climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy and climate politics and planning
Paul Crovella plcrovella@esf.edu net zero construction, energy efficiency, embodied energy in construction
Klaus Doelle kdoelle@esf.edu alternative energy (gasification, fermentation), biomass processing, hydropower, system process design and development
Martin Dovciak mdovciak@esf.edu climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, climate-vegetation relations and feedbacks, forest dynamics, microclimate
John Drake jedrake@esf.edu climate change, forest carbon, tree growth, managing ecosystems for carbon
Theodore Endreny te@esf.edu modeling urban heat adaptation, nature-based solutions, building energy loads, i-Tree Cool Air & Energy software development
Andrea Feldpausch-Parker amparker@esf.edu energy communication, public participation in energy systems, energy democracy, decision-making
Anne Godfrey acgodfre@esf.edu emergent technologies and decentralized energy systems, urban design, energy independence, energy justice, equitable energy access
Rafaat Hussein rmhussei@esf.edu knowledge-based/AI, clean energy, life cycle performance of infrastructure, sustainable materials and products
Robin Kimmerer rkimmer@esf.edu indigenous peoples, adaptation, plant ecology
Charles Kroll cnkroll@esf.edu hydrologic change, drought assessment, systems engineering, ecosystem service assessment, decision support systems
Deepak Kumar dkumar02@esf.edu bio-based circular economy, bioplastics, fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis, bioprocess modeling, techno-economic analysis
Valerie Luzadis vluzadis@esf.edu social-ecological systems, ecological economics and policy, climate and energy transitions and values
Robert Malmsheimer rwmalmsh@esf.edu bioenergy policy, bioeconomy, forests and climate change, forest carbon accounting, translating peer-reviewed science for policymakers
Huiting Mao hmao@esf.edu atmospheric chemistry, air quality, climate change
Tim Morin thmorin@esf.edu carbon cycle, methane, carbon sequestration, micrometeorology, ecosystem modeling
Giorgos Mountrakis gmountrakis@esf.edu geospatial modeling, remote sensing, climatic predictions, machine learning
Bahram Salehi bsalehi@esf.edu large scale remote sensing of wetlands, forests, permafrost and soil moisture, big data analysis, environmental monitoring, UAV
Kim Schulz kschulz@esf.edu climate change impacts on aquatic ecosystems, lake stratification, adaptation to climate change, lake source cooling
Gary Scott gscott@esf.edu renewable products and energy; system modeling and optimization; biotechnology for industry
Steve Shaw sbshaw@esf.edu influence of climate change on hydrology, processes controlling flood and drought, resilience in water infrastructure
John Stella stella@esf.edu riparian and stream ecology, ecohydrology, restoration, watershed management, ecological modeling, dendroecology, arid-land ecosystems
Wendong Tao wtao@esf.edu waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion, greenhouse gas from wastewater treatment, slow pyrolysis
Lemir Teron LTeron@esf.edu coastal communities, energy justice, energy democracy
Obste Therasme otherasm@esf.edu life cycle assessment, sustainable energy systems, biomass for biofuels, energy and bioproducts
Timothy Volk tavolk@esf.edu bioenergy, biomass, energy crops, life cycle assessment, bioeconomy, renewable energy
Endong Wang ewang01@esf.edu sustainable infrastructure systems, life cycle performance of structure systems, building energy efficiency, decision making
Yaqi You yyou@esf.edu sustainable food-energy-water nexus, waste streams-to-valuable resources, biomass, greenhouse gas emission