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Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Area of Study for Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Leader: Sharon Moran


ENRP is a unique group of graduate students, faculty and researchers who share a deep concern for the development and application of interdisciplinary approaches to the stewardship of ecosystems.

The Environmental and Natural Resources Policy (ENRP) doctoral program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in that it combines social science (especially policy) with biophysical science.

The problems we study are grounded in the biophysical world, most specifically with the human impact on biophysical systems and vice versa. Investigating these problems requires scientific understanding of the interconnections between ecosystems and social systems; the skills developed in the ENRP program help our graduates to creatively and appropriately design managerial and policy solutions, as well as conduct research studies.

Students in ENRP work with their major professors and committees to plan their coursework and dissertation research, as detailed in the Handbook (link below). Coursework in the program includes emphasis in areas including biophysical science, social science, research methods, and advanced natural resource and environmental policy.

The interdisciplinary nature of the ENRP program brings with it a unique administrative approach: faculty from several departments cooperate to deliver the ENRP doctoral program as an area of study within the Graduate Program on Environmental Science, under the Division of Environmental Science.

Note for Prospective Students: You may also want to explore other ESF graduate programs offered through the Department of Environmental Studies, Forestry and Natural Resources Management and through the different areas of study within Environmental Science.

Alumni Highlights

Graduates of the ENRP PhD area of study become successful researchers, educators, administrators, managers, and consultants, responding to the challenges related to the sustainable management of local, regional, and global resources. Skills developed in the ENRP doctoral program at ESF enable students to: think critically and independently; comprehend the processes of science and effectively apply scientific principles and professional procedures; attain proficiency in the current knowledge in their respective fields; develop competence in technical skills and tools required in their disciplines; demonstrate high standards of performance as scientists, educators, and professionals; and exercise ethical conduct in relationships with colleagues, other professionals, students, and the public.

Dr. Sara Velardi

Dr. Sara Velardi

Dr. Sara Velardi completed her degree in 2018, with a dissertation titled, "A Call for Transparency in the Food System: Case Studies of State and Federal Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Labeling Initiatives in the United States." While enrolled as a doctoral student, she was able to TA a variety of different classes, apply for grants, co-publish papers, and receive great mentorship from her advisor and other faculty on campus. After completing her Ph.D., she started a postdoc at the University of Maine, looking at scale challenges and opportunities for beekeepers and maple syrup producers in the state.

Kyungsun Lee

Dr. Kyungsun Lee

Dr. Kyungsun Lee completed her degree in August 2018, with a dissertation entitled "Exploring Eco-Industrial Parks via a Technological Innovation Systems Lens: the Sustainability Transitions of Industrial Parks in Korea and Japan." Her dissertation seeks to understand the social aspect of Industrial Ecology by exploring the trajectories of development and implementation of Eco-Industrial Parks in South Korea and Japan. Her dissertation project was supported by the Japan Foundation, Seoul National University, and SUNY-ESF. She is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University, and her current research focuses on the role of technology in sustainability transition of urban water governance. Kyungsun holds a B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering; and M.Sc. in History of Science, both from Seoul National University, South Korea.

Lisa L. Greenwood

Dr. Lisa L. Greenwood

Dr. Lisa L. Greenwood is an assistant professor in Environmental Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  She completed her Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy in 2017, and her dissertation is titled, "The Efficacy of Environmental Management Systems - ISO 14001: Effects of Motivations, Maturity, and Size on Environmental and Business Management Outcomes in U.S. Firms."  Lisa has a B.S. in Environmental Management from RIT, and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Haven.  She represents the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in international standards development under ISO Technical Committee 207 - Environmental Management, and Chairs the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC 207 Sub-Tag 1, Environmental Management Systems.  Her advisor at ESF was Dr. Sharon Moran, and Dr. Greenwood's research focuses on implementation of systems for environmental management and social responsibility in industry as well as in communities.

Lorena Ninel Estrada

Dr. Lorena Ninel Estrada

Dr. Lorena Ninel Estrada completed her degree in 2017, with a dissertation titled “Simplifying complexity: Assessing the construction and use of composite indices of climate change adaptation, with an application to northern and western Guatemala.” She investigated the construction and use of composite indices, and evaluated a climate change adaptation index developed in Guatemala. Lorena has a B.A. degree in Ecotourism from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, and a master’s degree in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity from the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica. Her doctoral studies were supported by the Fulbright-Laspau program, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse University, and also the Institute of Research and Outreach on the Natural Environment and Society from Universidad Rafael Landívar (IARNA-URL), Guatemala. Lorena has been working for IARNA-URL since 2015 in assessing the impact of two projects on food safety and climate change adaptation, as well as the strengthening of public institutions related to food safety statistics. 

Matthew Bethurem

Dr. Matthew Bethurem

Dr. Matthew Bethurem completed his Ph.D. in 2016, with a dissertation titled, "U.S. Cities and Climate Change: Local-Level Response to a Global Environmental Problem." In it, he examined the range of actions taken by cities around the United States with regard to climate change, and the factors that lead some cities to engage with the problem while others do not. He is a visiting assistant professor in Environmental Science/Studies at Allegheny College. Matt holds a BA in Antiquities from Southwest Missouri State University, a Master's in Public Policy Administration from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and a Master's in Public Health from the University of Missouri-Columbia. His current research interests continue to focus on local-level climate actions - including implications for environmental and climate justice -- as well as the polycentric and multi-level manner in which climate change is governed across scales.

Lorena Ninel Estrada

Dr. Renata Moreno-Quintero

Dr. Renata Moreno-Quintero completed her dissertation in 2016, and it was titled, "Taming the Cauca River: inclusions and exclusions in wetland governance in Valle del Cauca, Colombia."  She is currently a professor in the Ph.D program in Sustainable Regions at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, located in Cali, Colombia. Renata has a B.S. in Sociology from the Universidad del Valle in Colombia, and an M.S. in Social Sciences from the Universidade de Brasília in Brazil. The Ph.D program in which Renata currently teaches was developed in a partnership with ESF, and as part of the agreement between the two universities there is a teaching exchange in place that is expected to result in an upcoming joint research agenda. Her current research focuses on the consequences of urban sprawl and densification policies for environmental degradation and sustainability in urban contexts, as well as the environmental conflicts resulting from urban development processes. 

imagBryan Comere

Dr. Bryan Comer

Dr. Bryan Comer completed his doctorate in 2016 with a dissertation titled "Air Pollution and Environmental Justice in the Great Lakes Region," in which he investigated the links between ambient air pollution exposure and socioeconomic and demographic factors (race, class, age, and education) in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Bryan has a B.S. and M.S. in Public Policy from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He currently works as a Marine Transportation Researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in Washington, DC. His work informs international and domestic policies that reduce the environmental and human health impacts of air pollution from ships and port. During his Ph.D. program, Bryan secured fellowships from the ICCT, the Great Lakes Commission, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, and the Great Lakes Futures Project.

Marvin Montefrio

Dr. Marvin Montefrio

Dr. Marvin Montefrio completed his degree in 2014 with a dissertation titled "Growing Low Carbon Commodities in Upland Philippines: Integration of Smallholders in Biofuels and Rubber Production Regimes." He is an Assistant Professor of Social Science (Environmental Studies) at Yale-NUS College, a liberal arts institution founded by Yale University and the National University of Singapore. While enrolled as a doctoral student in ENRP, his research was supported by the International Development Research Centre of Canada, and he also completed a Master's of Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Marvin’s current research focuses on critical agrarian and food studies in Southeast Asia, with emphasis on the politics of knowledge production and the tensions between global “sustainability” discourses and the realities that rural communities face on the ground. In his spare time, he loves to travel and explore new food places with Yasmin — his wife who is also an academic — and his son Pepe. More about Marvin can be found at https://marvinmontefrio.com.

Imran Khalid

Dr. Imran Khalid

Dr. Imran Khalid graduated with a PhD in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy (ENRP) in December 2014. He is currently working at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad, where he heads the water governance component of the multi-country Pathways to Resilience in Semiarid Economies (PRISE) project in Pakistan. In this context, Imran is focusing on identifying institutional vulnerabilities and analyzing the political economy of regions most vulnerable to climate change impacts, particularly flooding. Imran's graduate work at SUNY-ESF has contributed significantly to his personal and professional growth. He regularly represents his organization at national and international meetings and contributes to the broader dialogue on environment and sustainability.

Thanh Vo

Dr. Thanh Vo

Dr. Thanh Vo is an Analyst in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA’s) Office of Program Planning and Integration, located in the Washington DC area. He completed his Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy in 2008 and began working as a specialist in of NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD as he completed his degree. In addition, he is participating in developing sustainability and environmental science programs for several Universities in Vietnam. Thanh's dissertation was titled “Living with change: Local knowledge, institutions, livelihoods and coastal resources in Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon system under context of institutional and global climate change,” and it examined coastal resource issues in Vietnam. He also works as a senior environmental scientist in IMSG, Inc. based in Rockville, MD. In other accomplishments, he has developed two environmental protection networks within Vietnam, served as the regional advisor for the Swedish Environmental Fund in Vietnam, coordinated and planning numerous environmental events in Vietnam and globally, and received numerous awards and fellowships, including the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship.

April Karen Baptiste

Dr. April Karen Baptiste

Dr. April Karen Baptiste is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Colgate University. She completed her Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy in 2008 and has been awarded a one-year Ford Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship in the African American Studies Department at Syracuse University in the same year. Her dissertation was titled “Evaluating Environmental Awareness: A Case Study of the Nariva Swamp, Trinidad,” and her graduate studies at ESF were funded in part by a Fulbright grant. April’s research focus looks at environmental issues in the Caribbean examining the intersection between environmental psychology, environmental justice and natural resource management. Her latest research project is designed to examine the perceptions of different marginalized groups within the Caribbean to climate change and their methods of adaptations. More about her research, teaching, and service work can be found at http://aprilbaptiste.com.

Sanglim Yoo

Dr. Sanglim Yoo

Dr. Sanglim Yoo is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. She completed her Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Environmental Studies at 2012 and had work as a post-doctoral researcher under the guidance of Dr. John E. Wagner at ESF's Dept. of FNRM. Sanglim started her career at Ball State University in Fall 2014, and is continuing her research on urban environmental issues. She completed her Ph.D. in 2012, and her dissertation was titled "Measuring Environmental Amenity Values From Urban Open Space Using a Spatial Hedonic Approach." Upon graduation, Dr. Lim worked as a post-doctoral researcher under the guidance of Dr. John E. Wagner at ESF's Dept. of FNRM, and she also taught as an adjunct assistant professor at Le Moyne College. For more information about her teaching, research, and service, please visit Dr. Yoo's website

Lester Facey

Dr. Lester Facey

Dr. Lester Facey works for the US EPA in Washington, DC, and he is the National Program Manager for Minority Academic Institutions, through the Office of Diversity Advisory Committee Management and Outreach. Recently he has been on assignment in Togo, as a science embassy fellow, in collaboration with the State Department and US EPA. His assignment involves working with Togo's Ministry of Education to develop their STEM initiatives. He completed his doctorate (2006) in ENRP's predecessor program (Environmental Policy and Democratic Policy). His dissertation research was titled "Bauxite Mining in Jamaica: A Post-independence Study of the Environmental Policy."


ENRP Faculty

Name and Interests

Address / Email

Beier, Colin M.
forest ecosystem and landscape ecology, social-ecological systems, climate change, ecosystem services, landscape change modeling, resilience, adaptive management, resource governance, applied geoinformatics
311 Bray Hall
Collins, Mary B.
socio-environmental systems; environmental health inequality; environmental justice; environmental sociology; environmental risk perception; computational quantitative methods; Bayesian modeling; disproportionality; industrial pollution policy and health
113 Marshall Hall
Cousins, Joshua
political ecology, science and technology studies, critical infrastructure studies, political economy, resource policy and governance, urban sustainability, urban studies, environmental governance and decision-making, natural resource industries, political-industrial ecology.
219 Marshall Hall
Hirsch, Paul D.
integrative thinking and problem-solving, water planning, biodiversity conservation, science-policy interface, environmental thought and ethics, policy analysis, public participation and decision-making, environmental valuation, complexity, participant-observation and survey methods, discourse analysis, environmental policy, climate governance, policy science divide
114 Marshall Hall
Johnston, Douglas M.
Environmental planning, land use, water resources planning and management, spatial analysis, political economy, ecological design and planning.
331 Marshall Hall
Kristiansen, Silje T.
environmental, risk, science and technology communication; food systems in the media; climate change discourse; public perception and media coverage of gene editing; public perception and media coverage of nuclear energy; energy discourse; public perception of risks and science; public opinion; quantitative methods; qualitative methods; media content analysis; survey; in-depth interviews; Europe; US.
112 Marshall Hall
Luzadis, Valerie A.
ecological economics, ecosystem services, policy, social and recreational dimensions, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, natural resources policy and values, sustainable development, renewable energy, participatory decision-making
214 Marshall Hall
Moran, Sharon D.
environmental policy, human dimensions of water/wastewater issues, political ecology, environment-society relations, green and innovative technologies, environmental issues in post-communist countries, qualitative research methods, gender and nature, sustainability indicators, emergent technologies, environmental justice, ethical frameworks in public policy
220 Marshall Hall
Newman, David H.
Forest resource economics and policy, resource and environmental economics, tax policy
206 Bray Hall
Feldpausch-Parker, Andrea M.
environmental, science and technology communication; wildlife conservation; climate change discourse and decision-making; environmental advocacy; environmental and natural resources conflict management; qualitative, critical and program evaluation methods; public participation; energy discourse and decision-making
108A Marshall Hall
Selfa, Theresa
environmental sociology, sociology of food and agriculture, environmental governance, qualitative and mixed methods, social impacts of land use change, bioenergy, water policy and politics, social dimensions of payments for ecosystems services
211C Marshall Hall
Sonnenfeld, David A.
environmental sociology; comparative environmental politics; sustainable transitions; water governance; East and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean; field, historical and mixed research methods
211B Marshall Hall
Teron, Lemir
Political ecology, environmental justice, sustainability planning, urban policy
211A Marshall Hall
Vidon, Elizabeth S.
Nature-based Tourism; Wilderness and Nature; Parks; Environmental Perception; Environmental thought and ontologies; Tourism Geographies; Authenticity and Alienation; Psychoanalytic and Social theory; Political Ecology; Epistemology/Nature of Knowledge(s); Landscape Studies; Indigenous Studies
108B Marshall Hall
Weiss, Jill
Socio-ecological systems, co-adaptive management, collaboration and trust, knowledge transfer, communities of practice and social networks, communication theories, landscape ecology, recreation governance and ethics, environmental education, conservation behaviors and psychologies, organizational management, strategic planning, and assessment. Subjects: stewardship, large contiguous bioregions, alpine zone, trail systems, public open space, bikes, urban forestry. Methods: Surveys, interviews, mixed method approaches, case studies, grounded theory, participatory action research.
208B Marshall Hall

Current Graduate Students in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy

Current Students Only currently registered students appear — new names appear at start of academic year

Taye Birhan

Taye Birhan

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Newman and Smardon

Previous Graduate Study: Wageningen University

Wei-En Chen

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Hirsch

Previous Graduate Study: National Sun Yat-sen Universit (Political Science)

Graduate Research Topic
International Relations, Environmental Policy, Ocean Governance

Mabadeje Demu

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Teron

Dustin Hill

Dustin Hill

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Collins
Undergraduate Institution: Le Moyne College (Environmental Studie)

Previous Graduate Study: SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry (Environmental Studies)

Personal Statement
Dustin Hill is a PhD student in the GPES program of Environmental and Natural Resources Policy. His bachelor's degree was completed at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Dustin's background is in environmental policy and undergraduate research examinined hydraulic fracturing and its impact on the surface landscape. Dustin completed his M.S. in 2017 at SUNY ESF with research focusing on both the sources of industrial pollution and the impact on communities and the environment. Current research is being conducted with Mary B. Collins in the ES department examining point source pollution across multiple industrial sectors over time.

Research Interests
Industrial pollution; environmental inequalty; natural gas development; policy; corporate social responsibility

Marie Loeffelholz

Marie Loeffelholz

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Sonnenfeld and Moran

Previous Graduate Study: Univ Denver (Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy)


  • Outstanding natural resources and environmental law and policy graduate, University of Denver, 2016

Stacy McNulty

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Luzadis

Graduate Research Topic
The role of field stations and biological reserves in place-based education, adaptive management and sustainable community governance.

Home Page
Web Link

Michael Petroni

Michael Petroni

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Collins
Undergraduate Institution: St. Lawrence University

Moory Romero Fernandez

Moory Romero Fernandez

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Selfa and Sonnenfeld

Previous Graduate Study: Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro (Environmental Geography)

Doctoral Research Topic
Water Scarcity and Intercultural Engagement in Times of Climate Change: A Political Ecology Approach to Plurinational Citizenship in the Bolivian Andes

Journal articles

  • Ryan SJ, Lippi CA, Carlson CJ, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Romero MM, Cox S, Mahon R, Trotman A, Rollock L, Gittens-St. Hilaire M, King D, Daniel S. 2018. "Zika virus outbreak, Barbados, 2015 – 2016," American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 98(6): 1857.
  • Stewart-Ibarra AM, Hargrave A, Diaz A, Kenneson A, Madden D, Romero MM, Molina JP, Macias Salto D. 2017. "Psychological distress and Zika, dengue, and chikungunya symptoms following the 2016 earthquake in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador," Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 14(12): 1516.
  • Ryan SJ, Carlson CJ, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Romero MM, Cox S, Mahon R, Trotman A, St. Ville S, Ahmed S. 2017. "Zika virus outbreak, Dominica, 2016," Emerging Infectious Diseases 23(11): 1926.

Prajapati Shapkota

Prajapati Shapkota

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Moran

Personal Statement
I hope to understand the process of environmental adaptation and integration of resettled refugees from a developing country and thus generate new knowledge on the subject. My special focus is on my own community - the Bhutanese-Nepali (Bhupali) refugees resettled in the US since March 2008.

Favorite Quote
"A bundle of belongings is not the only thing a refugee brings to his new country" ..... Dr. Albert Einstein (Dr. Einstein is the greatest physicist of the 20th century, Nobel Laureate and one of the 5 refugees who changed the world)

Jongdae Song

Jongdae Song

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Collins and Sonnenfeld

Previous Graduate Study: Korea University (Public Administration)

Doctoral Research Topic
In Search of Socially Acceptable Solution(s) for Air Pollution: Corporate Environmental Programs and Community Monitoring in South Korea

Areas of Interest
Environmental policy and governance; Social norm formation and change; Pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR) information systems; Ozone trends and problems in South Korea

Journal articles

  • Song, Jong-dae & Kim, Doo-rae. 2016. "Corporate motivational types and the mediating effects of voluntary agreements: 30/50 program for chemical pollutant release reduction in Korea," Korean Public Administration Review 50(1): 109-137.
  • Kim, Doo-rae & Song, Jong-dae. 2014. "Mechanism of controls over bureaucracy in Asian countries: an empirical exploration for typology," Journal of Governmental Studies 20(2): 35-62.

Lauren Tarr

Lauren Tarr

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Vidon and Collins

Andrea Michelle Viera Romero

Andrea Michelle Viera Romero

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Selfa

Previous Graduate Study: Universitat Potsdam (Global Public Policy)

Graduate Research Topic
An Overview of Ecuador´s Production Patterns to Inform Sustainable Development Governance

Research Interests
Sustainable Development, Governance, Sustainable Business Practices, Latin America