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Department of Environmental Resources Engineering


Associate Professor
SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies
Office: 420 Baker Lab
Mail: 402 Baker Lab
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry,
1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210
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You'll find information on these public pages about my interests and activities in environmental resources engineering and ecological engineering, stormwater management, and waste disposal site restoration and reclamation. I'm interested in developing innovative designs using an interdisciplinary approach combining fundamental engineering and science principles to address contemporary environmental problems such as stormwater management, water quality and waste disposal.

My teaching and research interests bridge related topics in environmental engineering design, phytotechnology and related physical processes, and green infrastructure. I strive to combine class instruction with relevant "real-world" projects, which are described further on my Teaching and Research pages.

I am professionally active with the Central New York Air & Waste Management Association, the New York Water Environment Association and the American Ecological Engineering Society. I am faculty advisor for student chapters of AWMA and NYWEA (; there are tremendous networking and scholarship benefits available to student members!

Please contact me if you are interested in studying at SUNY ESF. Further information about the Department, and the undergraduate and graduate ERE programs can be found at the Department website.






February 2017: A cohort of ESF-NYWEA student members met with fellow water professionals at the NYWEA Annual Meeting in New York City. ESF was well represented amongst the student oral presentations and posters, along with Chapter and Student Service Awards.

September 2016: Five SUNY ESF students and advisor Daley meet with water professionals at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans, LA. A day of service prior to the conference focused on over 175 volunteers from across the United States descending on City Hall to install a new bioretention basin. ESF was well represented.

May 2016: Congratulations my recently completed graduate students: Marie Schoenenberger (MS, ERE, mycorrhizal fungi associations with willow in amended Solvay waste); Nick Inzinna (MPS, Effect of data sources on life cycle impact assessment); Brandon Haynes (MS, using spent mushroom waste for microbial disinfection) and Samantha Rubin (MPS, carbon dioxide flux in green roof application).

October 2015: I spent 10 days in Bolivia consulting with Engineers in Action, St. Francis University and Biomost on pre-design evaluation of acid mine drainage treatment system near Potosi.

May 2015: Congratulations to recently completed graduate students Krystal White and Owen Hunter (MS, ERE). Katie Mott and Katja Fiertz, Honors students in ERE, presented their projects in poster and platform presentations.

April 2015: Another successful capstone project course comes to completion, with 40 ERE students demonstrating the breadth and strength of the ERE program. Projects involved ecological restoration of parks (Hyde Park in Niagara Falls, and Fuller Park in Scott, NY); mitigation wetlands; water resources assessments of potential irrigation in western NY; wastewater infrastructure; and Onondaga County’s lake trail system. Another 40 ERE students were inducted into ESF’s Link 100 of the Order of the Engineer.

February 2015: The ESF NYWEA student chapter received 2nd prize in the NYWEA competition for chapter service. This is great recognition of the hard work of the students, and is testimony to the diligence that 5 years of effort is worth the effort to create networking for the ESF students interested in the water environment.

October 2014: Attended WEFTEC 2014 with four ERE students. Networking on floor of the New Orleans Convention Center, connecting with students and professionals from around the country. Presented my research as part of the Stormwater Congress, entitled “Design and Performance of an Intensive Green Roof System using Native Plant Communities in Upstate New York.”

May 21 2014: Katie Mott, one of my advisees (ERE, 2015), departed for South Africa to intern with Soil for Life ( She's supported by a Rosen Fellowship, and is one of two ERE students providing service abroad this summer (Katja Fiertz is in Nepal). Katie is sharing her knowledge of soil and water, and her use of a mini-disk infiltrometer is causing great excitement (see her May 21 blog posting at

May 2014: Frank Bondi (MPS, ERE 2014) completed his engineering analysis of wood ash management at the SUNY ESF campus. Frank addressed the challenge of handling, transferring, storing and re-using ash generated by the combustion of wood chips in the Gateway Center. The beneficial reuse of the ash for food waste composting could reduce ash management costs by 20%.

April 30 2014: Congratulations to Samuel Asare-Adjebeng (MS, ERE). Samuel completed his thesis research on the use of eddy covariance method to determine evapotranspiration rates for a restored inland salt marsh.