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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Research Geospatial Information Science and Engineering (GIScE)

The GIScE program offers the opportunity to study a wide range of environmental phenomena using remote sensing and GIS methods. Below you can find a short description of the research interests of each participating faculty. You are encouraged to visit individual faculty webpages for further information (e.g. publications, past and current research grants).

Giorgos MountrakisDr. Giorgos Mountrakis

Dr. Mountrakis investigates land cover land use dynamics and their linkages to humans, climate and biodiversity. His disciplinary research involves algorithmic development for remote sensing analysis with particular emphasis on regional/global datasets. Activities include optical (e.g. Landsat), radar (e.g. PALSAR) and LiDAR (LVIS) sensors and their fusion using machine learning methods. Interdisciplinary works includes urban growth prediction models, linkages between urbanization and socioeconomic landscapes, climate pressure on vegetation and biodiversity responses to land cover/use dynamics. He is the recipient of NASA’s New Investigator Award and he has been the lead principal investigator for grants exceeding $2M.

Lindi QuackenbushDr. Lindi Quackenbush

Dr. Quackenbush performs research across a range of image processing and remote sensing application areas. These include forestry-related topics, such as developing tools to support forest classification and invasive species management; urban management subjects such as object-oriented algorithms for impervious surface classification and linear feature extraction; and new teaching pedagogy in science-based education.  Her research has been funded by local, state and federal sources and has led to an assortment of graduate student projects and publications. This work covers a breadth of topics and has involved collaboration with researchers in engineering, biology, forestry, chemistry, and outreach.