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Stream Restoration Focus Area in Ecological Engineering

Stream Restoration is the re-establishment of the general structure, function and self-sustaining behavior of the stream system that existed prior to disturbance. Restoration includes a broad range of measures, including the removal of the watershed disturbances that are causing stream instability; installation of structures and planting of vegetation to protect streambanks and provide habitat; and the reshaping or replacement of unstable stream reaches into appropriately designed functional streams and associated floodplains.

Enhancements may also include improved water quality and achieving a self-sustaining, functional flow regime in the stream system that does not require periodic human intervention, such as dredging or construction of flood control structures.

Restoration activities may range from a simple removal of a disturbance which inhibits natural stream function (e.g. repairing a damaged culvert), to stabilization of stream banks, to more active intervention such as installation of stormwater management structures.

We have been working in urban to rural New York and the country of Honduras.

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