Lindi J. Quackenbush

Associate Professor in Geospatial Information Science and Engineering
Department of Environmental Resources Engineering
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Recent and Ongoing Research Projects

My research interests cover a range of image processing and remote sensing application areas. These include forestry-related topics, such as developing tools to support forest classification and invasive species management; urban management subjects such as object-oriented algorithms for impervious surface classification and linear feature extraction; water-related projects addressing land cover influence on water quality particularly in riparian zones; and new teaching pedagogy in science-based education. My research has been funded by local, state and federal sources and has led to an assortment of graduate student projects and publications. This work cover a breadth of topics and has involved collaboration with researchers in engineering, biology, forestry, chemistry, and outreach.

Projects in forest/vegetation classification and assessment

Projects in education and outreach

Projects in water, urban cover, and impervious surface classification