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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Apply to Transfer to ERE Major as an ESF Student

We appreciate your interest in transferring into ERE. Please ensure you have met with your advisor to discuss this issue. Due to the popularity of this program, we have not been able to admit all qualified internal transfer applicants. In cases when the transfer is denied, ERE courses that are taken to help in your transfer decision may not count toward your non-ERE major, but may help in applications to graduate school or jobs; they indicate your interest and abilities in engineering and provide you a perspective on this field.

Review Criteria for Transfer Application

The following 4 criteria are used to determine whether to accept or deny the transfer application.
  1. Cumulative GPA >= 3.0 for students who completed at least 1 semester at ESF, or high school GPA and SAT above threshold used to accept freshmen.
  2. Demonstrated prior proficiency in courses related to the ERE program of study. ERE courses are listed in the ESF Catalog
  3. Demonstrated prior experiences and future ambitions related to the ERE program of study.
  4. Capacity of the ERE program to fit additional students into a class year given course enrollment limits.

Transfer Application Packet, Email, and Interview

The following steps are part of the transfer process completed.
  1. Application Packet
    1. A Statement of Purpose (~500 words) providing: a) a short essay on why you want to be an engineer, b) a table listing what courses you need to take in the ERE curriculum, and c) a best estimate of what semester and year you would be scheduled to graduate with the ERE B.S. degree.;
    2. Your college transcript, or high school transcript if a freshman student;
    3. Your ESF Grade Report;
    4. Your ESF Curriculum Plan Sheet;
  2. Email the Application Packet as a single PDF document to the ERE Secretary, Teri Frese.
    1. The application deadline is October 1 in the fall semester, March 1 in the spring semester
    2. The email subject line should read: "Transfer Application: Last Name_First Name".
    3. The email should request an interview within 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.
  3. Complete an Interview with the ERE faculty member representative

Application Review and Notification Process

  1. Your application packet and interview will be considered by the ERE faculty, and ESF admissions may be consulted in the application review.
  2. Decisions of acceptance are made by November 1 and by April 1 of each academic year; candidates should be notified prior to the deadline for scheduling next semester classes.
  3. If your transfer is approved, complete a Change of Major Form
  4. Students who were not accepted for transfer admission into ERE due to lack of space may consider reapplying when the ERE program has had ERE students transfer out of the equivalent class year.