For the 10 formal labs this semester you will do the following:


Lab 1   Familiarize yourself with various GIS data formats & file conversion, write code to import and export

Lab 2  Write code to create IDRISI metadata file.

Lab 3   Conduct an Internet search for data for your project, check metadata for quality and completeness, and evaluate the data’s usefulness or limitations for your research.

Lab 4   Create an ambient air temperature surface based on regression of elevation and temperature data. Write a model to reclass elevation data and soils, find the intersection of the two that meets the necessary criteria for recessional sorghum production and create a map of suitability zones.

Lab 5   Write the code to sample points from elevation contour data, with which you will then create digital elevation model (DEM) surface using the geostatistically-based method of interpolation called kriging and the Delauney triangulation method to create a TIN. 

Lab 6   Write a model to route hydrological flow, and calculate potential soil saturation, using the neighborhood function (useful for erosion modeling, too); extra credit if you can delineate a watershed!

Lab 7   Write a model to evaluate and plot the 2-dimensional environmental gradient space (temperature and moisture) required by a species for maximum production.

Lab 8   Write a model to predict hourly solar insolation using trigonometric functions and known algorithms; create a 24-hour time-series display.

Lab 9   Create a calibrated “suitability” surface for a spread model that simulates

               land use change, animal migration, disease, fire, pollutant transport, etc..

Lab 10 – Write a fire model using the calibrated suitability surface created in lab 9.


When you’ve accomplished all this you’ll be ready for anything!


Lab 11 - Work on own model.  Sheet describing project data sources due.

Lab 12 – Instruction in how to create an ECOPLOT visualization. Work on own model. Project cartographic models due.

Lab 13 -- Work on own model.  Pseudocode due.

Lab 14 -- Work on own model.  (last official lab)


(date tba) Turn in project FORTRAN code.


FINAL Presentations scheduled for date tba