"Globalization, Governance and the Environment" 
Special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist

David A. Sonnenfeld and Arthur P.J. Mol, eds.

Volume 45, No. 9, May 2002, Sage Publications

Mikael Skou Andersen is professor at the National Environmental Research Institute of Denmark (DMU). His research focuses on comparative studies of environmental policy, nationally, in the European Union, and across Europe, with particular regard to policy instruments and implementation. He has served as consultant for the Danish EPA, the European Environment Agency, and the OECD environment directorate. He is author of Governance by Green Taxes (1994), and co-editor of Market-Based Instruments for Environmental Management (2000).

Nicholas A. Ashfordis Professor of Technology and Policy, and Director of the Technology and Law Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.He is a Faculty Associate of the Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development at the Sloan School of Management. He served as chairman of the Committee on Technology Innovation and Economics of the US EPA National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology. Ashford holds a PhD in Chemistry and a law degree from the University of Chicago, where he also received graduate training in Economics.

Arthur P. J. Mol was recently inaugurated as Professor and Chair, Environmental Policy Group, Department of Social Sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.He is project director of the Environmental Research Network Asia (ERNAsia); see <>. His most recent book is Globalization and Environmental Reform: The Ecological Modernization of the Global Economy (2001).

Michael T. Rock is Professor and Chair, Department of Economics and Management, Hood College, Fredrick, Maryland. From 1992-99, he was Senior Economist and Associate Director of Economic Policy Studies at the Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development. His book, Pollution Control in East Asia: Lessons from the Newly Industrializing Economies, was published in January 2002, by Resources for the Future.

Roberto A. Sanchezis a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He was Program Officer in NAFTA's Commission for Environmental Cooperation from 1995-97. Previously, he was Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Studies, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico. His research examines transboundary environmental issues, human dimensions of global environmental change, and the relationship between environment and development.

David A. Sonnenfeld is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Washington State University. From 1998-2000, he was S. V. Ciriacy-Wantrup Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He is co-editor with Arthur Mol of Ecological Modernisation Around the World: Perspectives and Critical Debates (2000). His current research focuses on the role of civil society in ecological modernization in Thailand, with particular reference to occupational safety, health and the environment in electronics manufacturing.

Michael J. Watts is Director of the Institute of International Studies and Chancellor's Professor of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught for 25 years. He is currently working on environment and oil politics in the Niger delta of Nigeria.

Helmut Weidner is Senior Researcher at the Social Science Research Center of Berlin (WZB), Germany. His research has focused on cross-national comparison of environmental policy, alternative dispute resolution, and environmental capacity-building. His most recent English-language book is Alternative Dispute Resolution (1998).


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