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Challenging the Chip:
Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the
Global Electronics Industry

Eds. Ted Smith, David A. Sonnenfeld, David Naguib Pellow, and Leslie A. Byster

Foreword by Jim Hightower

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Temple University Press

-- Foreword by Jim Hightower, "Technology Happens" [pdf]



"2007 Recommended Book for Public and Secondary School Libraries", American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and Public Library Association (PLA), divisions of the American Library Association, June 11, 2007 [link] [link2]

"Top 5 P2P Book of the Week", Peer-to-Peer Foundation, May 6, 2007 [link]

Amazon.com "Labor Policy" Bestseller in Germany, France, Japan, UK, USA, and Canada, 2006-

Online Video and Radio Interviews

FORA.tv, The Good Business Network and eBay, San Jose, CA, with Ted Smith (June 28, 2007)

EcoTalk, Air America program host, Betsy Rosenberg, interviews Ted Smith (Mar. 12, 2007)


Interviews/ In the News/ Guest Columns

Mike Lee, "Our Electronic Waste Is Piling Up Overseas," San Diego Union-Tribune (June 19, 2007) [link]

James Woudhuysen, "Will an E-waste Crisis Be Made in China?", IT Week, UK (June 8, 2007) [link]

PSRP Reporter, "PSRP Uses Expertise to Fight for Workers' Rights," AFT (March/April, 2007) [link]

Diane Solomon, "Toxic Outsourcing" [cover story], Metro Silicon Valley, San Jose, Calif. (Mar. 21, 2007) [link]

NewIndPress, "Frame Effective Laws to Challenge E-Waste," India (Feb. 17, 2007)

David A. Sonnenfeld, "Challenging the Chip," The Pump Handle, USA (Feb. 8, 2007) [link]

Sankar Radhakrishnan,"The Smart Way To Tackle E-Waste," The Hindu Business Line, India (Jan. 29, 2007) [link]

NewIndPress, "Accolades for Clean City Capital City Drive", report from Waste Not Asia conference, Kerala, India (Jan. 19, 2007)

NewIndPress, "Pick Your Book on Electronic Waste...", report from book release event, Bangalore, India (Jan. 17, 2007)

Oregon AFT, "Byster Co-authors Labor and Environmental Rights Book" (Dec. 2006) [link]

Nathan Isaacs, "Challenging the Chip," Tri-City Herald, Richland, Wash. (p. B4, Sept. 18, 2006) [link]

"Q&A with Ted Smith", Temple University Press [link]


Book Reviews

Sarah Lazare, Multinational Monitor v27, n3, May/ June 2006

Soenke Zehle, Mute magazine, Sept. 21, 2006

Matthew Bewig, Law and Politics Book Review v16, n11, Oct. 2006

Susan Moran, SEJournal, Society of Environmental Journalists, v16, n4, Winter 2006

Frederick Noronha, Association for Progressive Communication News, Jan. 25, 2007



Challenging the Chip [link]


中文 [In Chinese]

Book Launch: Taiwan Environmental Action Network (1/22/07)

Booklet: "High-Tech's Dirty Secret: Breaking the Silicon Silence", Taiwan Environmental Action Network (1/21/07) [download]

News Article: "E-Waste Dumping Hotspot Found in Beijing: E-Waste Recycling Legislation is Expected the Beginning of Next Year", People's Daily, Beijing, China (10/18/06) [pdf]

Book Review, Journal of Public Administration, Wen-ling Tu, Shi-Hsin University, Taiwan [pdf]

Book Note: Taiwan Environmental Information Center (1/1/07) [link]

Blog: 對抗地球暖化 "Climate Change, Taiwan Cares!", Taiwan (1/16/07)

Blog: 火燒之島, Taiwan (1/18/07)


Noticias en Español (Desafío al Chip)

Blog: "La magia en la civilización High-Tech", Filosfitis, Alejandro Piscitelli, Argentina (Feb. 14, 2007)

Blog: "La Magia en la Civilización High-Tech", Educ.Ar: El Portal Educativo del Estado Argentino, Argentina (Feb. 11, 2007)

Book Review: Noticias Sobre Internet y TIC por Desarrollo y la Justicia Social, La Asociación para el Progreso de las Comunicaciones, Frederick Noronha, India (Jan. 29, 2007)

Book Note: Nuevared, Ecuador (Jan. 29, 2007)

Book Note: Red Infodesarrollo, Ecuador (Jan. 29, 2007)

Book Note: Políticas de Información y Comunicación en Uruguay, Uruguay (Jan. 29, 2007)


Book Launches/ Book Signing/ Other Links

San Jose, Calif.: Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (Oct. 7, 2006)

Austin, Texas: Texas Campaign for the Environment (Oct. 18, 2006)

Bangkok, Thailand: Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims (Nov. 6, 2006)

Boston, Mass.: American Public Health Association (Nov. 7, 2006)

Bangalore, India: Foundation for Educational Innovations in Asia and Centre for Education and Communication (Jan. 16, 2007)

Kerala, India: Waste Not Asia Network and  Toxics Link (Jan. 18, 2007)

Book Launch: Taiwan Environmental Action Network (Jan. 22, 2007)

Hong Kong, China: Asia Monitor Resource Centre


Teaching Resources/ Graphics

Syllabus: ENVS 295, "High Tech Trash", Prof. Stephanie Kaza, University of Vermont, Spring 2007 [pdf]

Introductory Lecture, David A. Sonnenfeld, Washington State University, Fall 2006 [.pps file]

Essay Assignment, David A. Sonnenfeld, Washington State University, Fall 2006 [.rtf file]

Related Films, "Exporting Harm" (2002) and "The Digital Dump" (2006), Basel Action Network, Seattle

E-Waste Cyborgs, graphic art/ campaign posters, Greenpeace China, c. September 2006

Blogs, Zines, Journals

Organizational Links


Blogged on ...

풍덩 [blog.jinbo.net/kong], Korea (2/24/08)
One Laptop per Child News, Lorenz Matzat, Germany (2/5/07)
.DPI: La Revue Électronique, Laiwan, Canada (2/1/07)
Open Business, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1/31/07)
ICT4D South Asia, Frederick Noronha, India (1/11/07)
P2P Foundation, Michel Bauwens, France (12/31/06)
Silicon Valley Watcher, Tom Foremski, USA (12/14/06)
Law Librarian Blog, USA (12/6/06)
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QuestionTechnology, Kevin Arthur, USA (8/24/06; 8/26/06; 10/1/06)
NetzPolitik, Markus Beckedahl, Germany (9/25/06)
On the Commons, David Bollier, USA (9/25/06)
Απ' Εδώ Κι Απ' Εκεί (A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That), Greece (9/22/06)


Book Notes

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (Vol. 8, No. 3, 2007)

Greenedia (Mar. 12, 2007)

Pain pour le Prochain (Bread for All), Switzerland (Mar. 2007)

E-Library on and for Social Transformation

Energy Bulletin, USA (Jan. 23, 2007)

New Labor Forum, USA (v16, n1, Jan.  2007)

Z Magazine, USA (Jan. 2007)

Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv (Journal for Working Life), Denmark (Nov. 2006)

PC Global, World Ecology, Economy, and Development (WEED), Germany (n 1, Oct. 2006)

The Environment and ICT Working Group, UK (Oct. 2006)

Risks Newsletter, Trades Union Congress, UK (n 276, Sept. 30, 2006)

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, UK

Partnership for Children's Health and the Environment (Aug. 23, 2006)

Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative (Aug. 23, 2006)

LaborNet (August 2006)

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Green Party Taiwan (Aug. 18, 2006)

Chronicle of Higher Education (Aug. 4, 2006)

Headst@art, Poppy Masselos, The Courier Mail, Brisbane, Australia (p. 54, July 11, 2006)

Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network Newsletter (MHSSN), (Oct. 2005)




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