Ecological Modernisation Around the World: 
Perspectives and Critical Debates

Arthur P. J. Mol and David A. Sonnenfeld, eds.

London and Portland:  Frank Cass/ Routledge, 2000;
Beijing: Commercial Press, 2011

ISBN 0-7146-8113-X pbk; 0-7146-5064-1 hardback
Chinese edition:  ISBN




1. Arthur P. J. Mol and David A. Sonnenfeld, "Ecological Modernisation Theory around the world: an introduction" [full text]

Theoretical Perspectives

2. Arthur P. J. Mol and Gert Spaargaren, "Ecological modernisation in debate: a review"

3. Gert Spaargaren and Bas J. M. van Vliet, "Lifestyles, consumption and the environment. The ecological modernisation of domestic consumption"

4. Maurie Cohen, "Ecological modernisation, environmental knowledge, and national character"

Case Studies from Around the World

Advanced Industrial Countries

5. David Pellow, Allan Schnaiberg, and Adam Weinberg, "Putting the ecological modernisation thesis to the test: the promises and performance of urban recycling" (USA)

6. Pekka Jokinen, "Europeanisation and ecological modernisation: agri-environmental policy and practices in Finland"

Transitional Economies

7. Leonardus Rinkevicius, "Ecological modernisation as cultural politics: transformations of the civic environmental activism in Lithuania"

8. Zsuzsa Gille, "Legacy of waste or wasted legacy? The end of industrial ecology in postsocialist Hungary"

Developing Countries

9. David A. Sonnenfeld, "Contradictions of ecological modernisation: pulp and paper manufacturing in South-East Asia"

10. Jos Frijns, Phung Thuy Phuong and Arthur P. J. Mol, "Ecological modernisation theory and industrialising economies: the case of Viet Nam"



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