Environment and Society
Professional Associations


International Association for Ecological Economics (IAEE)

International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR)

International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC)

International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)

International Rural Sociology Association (IRSA)

International Sociological Association (ISA)

  • Research Committee on Environment and Society (RC24)
  • Research Committee on Food and Agriculture (RC40)
  • National and Regional

    Brazilian Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Environment and Society (in Portuguese)

    Environment and Society Network (RN12), European Sociological Association

    Environmental Sociology Research Cluster, Canadian Sociological Association

    Environmental Studies Association of Canada

    Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology

    Korean Environmental Sociological Association (in Korean)

    Research Committee on Environment and Society, Indian Sociological Association [e-mail]

    Research Committee on Environment and Society, Spanish Federation of Sociology (in Spanish)

    Section on Environment and Technology, American Sociological Association

    Section on Environmental Sociology, German Sociological Association (in German)

    Sociology of the Environment and Risk, French Sociological Association (in French)

    Study Group on Risk and Society, British Sociological Association

    Thematic Group on Environment and Society, Australian Sociological Association

    Young Scholars of Environmental Sociology (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland; in German)

    United States

    American Anthropological Association

    American Society for Environmental History

    American Sociological Association

    Association of American Geographers

    Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

    Ecological Society of America

    International Studies Association

    National Association of Environmental Professionals

    Political Ecology Society (PESO)

    Rural Sociological Society

    Society for Applied Anthropology

    Society for Conservation Biology

    Society for Human Ecology

    Society for the Social Study of Social Problems

    United States Society for Ecological Economics

    See also

  • Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS)
  • Industry Studies Association
  • Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)
  • Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
  • Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI)

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