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David A. Sonnenfeld, Ph.D.

Dept. of Environmental Studies

State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF)

Research program

Most broadly, I am interested in understanding dynamics of social and institutional change with respect to the environment and natural resources. The common thread running through my field-based, empirical research has been how and under what conditions citizens and other civic actors have successfully influenced the design and functioning of core institutions, organizations, technologies and processes in more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable directions ("greening" and democratization of science, technology and society). A comparativist at heart, to date my research has involved three sectors –  forestry and pulp and paper, electronics, and food and agriculture, respectively – as well as more general analyses of dynamics of ecological modernization. I am now undertaking new work in the area of water governance. Over the last two decades, my primary focus has been on newly industrializing countries and societies, especially in Southeast and East Asia. In recent years, the geographical scope of my interests have broadened to include northern Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere. While motivated to address contemporary social and environmental problems, I am fascinated by what we have to learn from historical studies, as well. General areas of interest include:

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