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Alexander B. ArtyukhinAssistant Professor

Alexander Artyukhin

219 Jahn Lab
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210


Research Interests

The first animal genome was sequenced in 1998 and a human genome was published only 3 years later in Nature and Science. Ever since, whole genome sequencing and editing tools have been routinely used in molecular biology labs. In contrast to large molecules (DNA and proteins), small molecules of life (metabolites) have mostly remained elusive. Metabolic pathway diagrams in biochemistry textbooks, which hardly ever changed since 1960s, make an impression that we have catalogued all small molecules that make up a cell long time ago. This impression could not be further from reality. Despite a lot of effort, even in well studied organisms, including mice and humans, the vast majority of metabolites (~90%) remain unknown and uncharacterized. We have only a vague idea about their existence, let alone their structures and function. To cover that gap, we use untargeted high-resolution LC-MS and GC-MS analysis to find and characterize new small molecules in living systems. Our goal is to elucidate their structures (using MS/MS and NMR) and figure out how they are made and what they do in the organism, i.e. their biosynthesis and functions. We are particularly interested in sex-specific molecules in worms, mice, humans, and now, perhaps, beetles.


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