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Myrna HallEmeritus

Myrna Hall

106 Marshall Hall
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210



  • M.S., Natural Resources Management, SUNY-ESF, 1995
  • B.A., French, Education, University of Washington, Seattle, 1967

Research Interests

  • Integrating simulation modeling and GIS for studying the interaction of humans and their environment
  • Natural resources management
  • Issues of sustainable development
  • Graphic information visualization
  • Foreign language communication

Selected Publications

Scientific Reports
Journal Articles
  • Murphy, D. J., M. H. Hall, C. A. S. Hall, G. Heisler, S. Stehman, and C. Anselmi-Molina. 2010. "The Relation Between Land-cover and the Urban Heat Island in Northeastern Puerto Rico," International Journal of Climatology. Published online, April 19.
  • Echeverria, C., D. Coomes, M. Hall, and A. Newton. 2008. "The Application of GIS-based Modeling Techniques To Analyze the Patterns of Forest Loss and Fragmentation between 1976 and 2020 in Southern Chile," Ecological Modeling, Vol. 212:439-449.
  • Brown, S., M. Hall, K. Andrasko, F. Ruiz, W. Marzoli, G. Guerrero, O. Masera, A. Dushku, B. DeJong, and J. Cornell. 2007. "Baselines for land-use change in the tropics: Application to avoided deforestation projects," Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Global Change 6:1001-1026.
  • Hong, B., K.E. Limburg, M. Hall, and J.D. Erickson. 2007. "Scenario Analysis of Economy-Ecology Interactions in the Hudson River Basin," Journal of Ecological Economics of Sustainable Watershed Management: Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources 7:103-118.
  • Hall, M., A. Dushku, and S. Brown. 2007. "Scale Issues in Developing a Deforestation Baseline for the Region of the Noel Kempff Mercado Climate Action Project, Bolivia." In Making Development Work: Scientific Alternatives to Neoclassical Economic Theory, eds. G. LeClerc and C.A.S. Hall. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press.
  • Hall, M.H., and D.B. Fagre. 2003. "Modeled Climate-Induced Glacier Change in Glacier National Park, 1850- 2100," Bioscience 53: 131-140 (cover article).
  • Hall, M., C.A.S. Hall, and M.R. Taylor. 2000. "Geographical Modeling: The Synthesis of GIS and Simulation Modeling". Pp. 177-202 in Quantifying Sustainable Development, The Future of Tropical Economies, ed. C.A.S. Hall. San Diego: Academic Press.

Current Graduate Students

  • Seth Myers (Environmental Forest Biology), "Land Use Change, Environmental Impacts, Uncertainty Analysis: Connecticut and Pennsylvania Highlands, and the New York City Watershed" (co-MP)
  • Ning Sun (Environmental Science), "Urban Stormwater Runoff Modeling" (co-MP)
  • Liyang Shao (Environmental Science), "Spatial Distribution and Statistical Analysis of Lead and Childrens' Blood Lead Levels in Syracuse, NY, and Socio-Demographic Variables" (co-MP)
  • Mariana Nava, Environmental Science (co-MP)
  • Cesar Perez (Environmental Science)
  • Lori Cornell (Environmental Science) "Studying the relationship between land use change and hydrology in the heavily urbanized Rio Piedras watershed of San Juan, Puerto Rico."
  • Catherine Foley (Environmental Science) "Assessing knowledge, perceptions, and behavior toward Green Infrastructure in Syracuse, NY."
  • Ruiqi Li (Environmental Studies) "Urban energy flow and conservation."

Professional Affiliations

  • Ecological Society of America
    • Section on Urban Ecosystem Ecology
  • Association of American Geographers
  • International Society for Ecological Economics