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Johannes SmidProfessor Emeritus

Johannes Smid

216 Jahn Lab
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210

315-470-6828 | 315-470-6855

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Ph.D., 1957, State University of New York; Visiting Professor, Universities of Nijmegen, 1969-1970, Twente (1985), and Groningen (1988), The Netherlands, University of Strasbourg, France, 1977-1978, University of Chengdu, China, 1985, and Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, 1986. Chairman, IUPAC Symposium on Ion Pairs (Syracuse, 1978) and ACS Symposium on Anionic Polymerization (New York City, 1986). Visiting University Scholar of SUNY.

In the early 1960's Johannes Smid was involved in mechanistic studies of anionic homo- and copolymerization. He later focused his attention on structures of ion pairs and ion pair solvation complexes based on his discovery of different kinds of ion pairs from spectrophotometric measurements on carbanion salt solutions. Conductance, optical spectroscopy, fluorimetry, proton and 23Na magnetic spectroscopy, potentiometry, viscosity and fast and stop flow kinetic measurements are some of the techniques used to study solvent or ligand interactions with ions and ion pairs and their effects on the mechanism of reactions. Dr. Smid later extended his work to a general study of solute binding to linear and network macromolecules, using polymers endowed with neutral macroheterocyclics, e.g., crown ethers, as pendant groups. Recent investigations include the synthesis and binding properties of hydrogels and phase separation phenomena in aqueous solution of amphiphilic star polymers.

The solution studies are designed to better understand and solve problems in the areas of polyelectrolyte behavior, polymer catalysis, liquid membrane separations, controlled release of bound substances, polymer- and cell-surface processes. Work in the solid state is focused on the application of plastic electrolytes in solid state batteries, and jointly with Dr. Cabasso on the development of heavy metal polymer composites for use as X-ray diagnostic materials for medical implants, dentures and other applications.

Representative Publications

  • Phase Separation Phenomena in Aqueous Solutions of Amphiphilic Poly(ethylene oxide) Star Polymers, G.B. Zhou and J. Smid, Polymer 35, 5128-5133 (1993).
  • Solvent Free Cation Conducting Polysiloxane Electrolytes with Pendant Oligo-oxyethylene Sulfonate Groups, G.B. Zhou, I.M. Khan and J. Smid, Macromolecules 26, 2202-2208 (1993).
  • Ion Pair Affinities of Linear Polyethers Immobilized on Poly(Styrene-co-m-TMI) Networks, W.Y. Xu and J. Smid, Macromolecules 26, 7004-7008 (1993).
  • Homogeneous Radiopaque Polymer Organobismuth Composites, J. Smid, Y. Delaviz and I. Cabasso, U.S. Patent 5,256,334, issued: October 26, 1993.