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Donald Stewart

Donald Stewart

103 Illick Hall
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210


Principal Courses

EFB 486 Ichthyology (3 credit hours).  Two hours of lecture, three hours of laboratory.  An introduction to the anatomy, physiology, ecology, behavior, and taxonomy of fishes.

EFB 523 and FOR 523 Tropical Ecology (3 credit hours).  Field-oriented labs, lectures and independent research, including a 10-day study-trip to Dominica, the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ during spring break.  Focuses on structure and function of tropical ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resource management in the tropics.  [Counts as 3 credits towards the EFB field experience requirement] 

Research Interests

  • Ecology, Conservation and Management of Freshwater Fishes and Their Ecosystems
  • Tropical Aquatic Systems:  Conservation and management of giant fishes of the genus Arapaima in South America; ecology of international migratory food fishes; life-history strategies of giant catfishes; systematics and evolution of Neotropical freshwater fishes.
  • Temperate Aquatic Systems:  Fish ecology; fisheries management; ecological energetics; modeling predation and production processes; population dynamics; Great Lakes ecosystems.

Current Projects

Arapaima - Integrative Studies

Current Graduate Advisees

Current Graduate Advisees

Joseph MakaureJoseph Makaure

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Stewart and Rundell
  • Area of Study: Conservation Biology

Kapil MandrekarKapil Mandrekar

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Stewart
  • Area of Study: Ecology
  • Undergraduate Institution: Albion College (Biology)
  • Previous Graduate Study: Arkansas State University of St Univ (Biology )

Jacob MooreJacob Moore

  • Degree Sought: MS
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Stewart and Green
  • Area of Study: Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management
  • Undergraduate Institution: University of New Hampshire Durham (Marine and Freshwate)

Selected Publications

74.  Kaatz, I.M., and D.J. Stewart.  2012.  Bioacoustic variation of swimbladder disturbance sounds in Neotropical doradoid catfishes (Siluriformes: Doradidae, Auchenipteridae): potential morphological correlates. Curr. Zool. 58: 171−188.

73.  Castello, L., D.J. Stewart, and C.C. Arantes.  2011. Modeling population dynamics and conservation of arapaima in the Amazon.  Rev. Fish Biol. Fisheries 21: 623-640.

72.  Kaatz, I.M., D.J. Stewart, A.N. Rice, and P.S. Lobel. 2010. Differences in pectoral fin spine morphology between vocal and silent clades of catfishes (Order Siluriformes): Ecomorphological implications. Curr. Zool. 56: 73-89.

71.  Lujan, N.K., M. Hidalgo, and D.J. Stewart. 2010. Revision of Panaque (Panaque), with descriptions of three new species from the Amazon Basin (Siluriformes, Loricariidae). Copeia 2010: 676-704.

70.  Arantes, C.C., L. Castello, D.J. Stewart, M. Cetra, and H.L. Queiroz. 2010. Population density, growth and reproduction of arapaima in an Amazonian river-floodplain. Ecol. Freshw. Fish 19: 455-465.

69.  Castello, L., and D.J. Stewart. 2010.  Assessing CITES non-detriment findings procedures for Arapaima in Brazil.  J. Appl. Ichthyol. 26: 49-56.

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67.  Connerton, M.J., B.A. Murry, N.H. Ringler, and D.J. Stewart.  2009.  Majority of age-3 Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in Lake Ontario were wild from 1992 to 2005, based on scale pattern analysis.  J. Great Lakes Res. 35: 419-429.

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62.  Wurster, C.M., W.P. Patterson, D. J. Stewart, J.N. Bowlby, and T.J. Stewart.  2005.  Thermal histories, stress, and metabolic rates of chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in Lake Ontario: evidence from intra-otolith stable isotope analyses.  Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci.. 62: 700-713.

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