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1985 Feinstone Environmental Awards

1985 Awards Recipients

Dorothy Ellis Dorothy Ellis
A determined environmentalist, DOROTHY ELLIS, of Thayer, Missouri, is credited with the success of the historic landmark campaign to create the Irish Wilderness in Missouri's Ozarks in 1984, culminating a preservation effort going back at least to 1937. She mobilized the final thrust that saved this ecologically significant and scenic area against both popular and powerful interests in Oregon County. Her stand was personally courageous, because of the opposition in her home area. She has been active in other projects, most notably as one of the leaders in the campaign to establish Grand Gulf State Park--a remarkable limestone plateau region in the southern Ozarks.

Ralph GrossiRalph Grossi
As a young, working dairyman, RALPH GROSSI, of Novato, California, has become a national leader in preserving productive farmlands in the midst of urbanization. His leadership has now secured a future for farming in his home area, with the implementation of a 60-acre zoning ordinance for grazing, tax assessments based on use within the designated "agricultural zone," and a state-supported pricing structure which recognizes the higher costs of production in suburban areas. He was instrumental in organizing the private Mann Agriculture Land Trust (MALT), which protects agricultural land by acquisition of conservation easements, and is a charter director of the American Farmland Trust.

Ellen O'Flaherty PrattEllen O'Flaherty Pratt
An indefatigable volunteer, ELLEN O'FLAHERTY PRATT, of Staten Island, New York, has spared neither time nor effort in advancing two major conservation campaigns on Staten Island: Blue Heron Park, and the Greenbelt. Beginning in 1978, she coordinated efforts to protect Blue Heron Pond and surrounding wetlands, meadows, and woodlands, by building citizen coalitions and advocacy groups. In 1982, the 147-acre park became a reality in the midst of one of our largest metropolitan areas. Using the same "grassroots" methods of building support, Pratt has been successful in promoting the Greenbelt concept thus protecting several thousand acres of existing greenspace in a contiguous network.

Lois WebsterLois Webster
A multi-faceted environmental volunteer, LOIS WEBSTER, of Aurora, Colorado, has accumulated an amazing list of achievements over the past 20 years: she led the drive to incorporate a state income tax refund check-off for a non-game management program; founded the Grasslands Institute, which has held six-day field seminars for the last 10 years; founded the Denver Audubon Society, which now has 2,600 members; led the campaign to establish the Colorado Non-Game Advisory Council, and is the current chairwoman; served as a citizen liaison with state wildlife management officials; led the Denver Audubon Society's efforts to establish a prairie nature and research center; and has conducted field research on non-game species.

Wayne T. WilliamsWayne T. Williams
An energetic volunteer on many fronts, WAYNE T. WILLIAMS, of Sonoma, California, has been active in preserving farmland and open space by helping create the Petaluma General Land Use Plan; he co-founded the Citizens Against the Frates Ranch Project; and served as an expert consultant to the Sierra Club in the effort to transfer Mineral King to the Sequoia National Park. He led the bitterly contested battle against dune buggies having unlimited access to fragile environments, and the unsuccessful campaign to save California's southernmost steelhead trout stream. He co-founded Ecology Action, and has done extensive botanical research for environmental causes.

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