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1992 Feinstone Environmental Awards

1992 Awards Recipients

Charles and Nina BradleyCharles and Nina Bradley
For more than 15 years, Charles and Nina Bradley have worked full time as volunteers to carry forward the "land ethic" described in the writings of Aldo Leopold, Nina's father. The 1,400- acre Leopold Memorial Reserve was created as a private landowners' cooperative, and encompasses the Leopold "farm" immortalized in the best-selling book A Sand County Almanac. The Bradleys lead the research and education program for the Reserve, conducting on-site studies, directing research fellows, giving tours and working with public groups. Their volunteer contribution is truly unique, and historically important to the environmental movement.

Vivian MenakerVivian Menaker
Vivian Menaker is credited with leading the campaign to establish the 48,000-acre Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, which hosts the largest winter gathering of eagles in the world. A co-founder the Lynn Canal Conservation, Inc., which successfully lobbied for the creation of the preserve, Menaker faced extreme local opposition that sometimes turned violent. In the I980s a state highway plan threatened the eagles, and, again, Menaker saved the Preserve. Currently, she is engaged in a state legislative attempt to have $1 million budgeted to protect the Preserve and to provide tourist facilities. Menaker has been a tireless volunteer for 20 years but has never been recognized for her courageous contributions.

Peter J. RussoPeter J. Russo
Focusing on one of the most polluted and neglected streams in the country, Peter J. Russo has for more than 20 years personally led a clean-up effort along the Passaic River. As an elected official, he gained financing for some of the work, but, more importantly, he voluntarily mobilized citizen awareness and led weekly work sessions to directly attack the problems.  By wading in the mud and hauling out debris, the 78-year-old Russo is an exemplary environmental activist to all citizens, but particularly to youths and prisoners with whom he has worked. He has utilized many elements of the community in his efforts, including the important Passaic River Coalition.

Dale ShieldsDale Shields
Dale Shields founded and has been the guiding inspiration for the Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary, a completely voluntary effort. In only 11 years it has grown to include a clinic and pens, 236 volunteers, four paid staff, and 6,500 members. More than 5,000 injured birds are rescued each year, with 65 to 75 percent returned to the wild. Shields has enlarged the program goals to include education, awareness and prevention, and is a tireless speaker on these topics, especially to students. He is leading the effort to create an endowment for the Sanctuary and construct an office/information building. He is also active as a volunteer in other bird conservation projects.

Richard S. WeinsteinRichard S. Weinstein
Working on both the national level and in Florida, Richard S. Weinstein has amassed an incredible number of volunteer environmental achievements. He has negotiated the protection of some 23,000 acres of natural land in Florida, including such difficult acquisitions as Curry Hammocks, Whitebelt Ranch and the Loxahatchee Corridor. He led the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy in an unprecedented program expansion, particularly acquiring areas that harbor rare and endangered species. Now he chairs The Nature Conservancy's National Board of Governors, providing leadership across the nation in such projects as the "Last Great Places" initiative to protect entire ecosystems. Weinstein advanced the Pine Jog environmental education program, and helped to pass Florida's Conservation and Recreational Lands Program and Preservation 2000.  Called a "quiet superstar," he continues to work full time as a volunteer.

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