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Name: Paul Crovella

Title: Instructor Sustainable Construction Management 

Phone: (315) 470-6839 (voice)
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Location: 219 Baker Lab




My current research involves providing better information for the reuse and rehabilitation of timber structures.

After spending a summer working as a timber framer while studying engineering and architecture in college, I developed a strong interest in the strength and structural performance of timber buildings. Since starting my current research project, I have been working to develop a non-destructuve method for assessing the structural characteristics of timber joinery. The goal of the research would be to assist design and construction teams in their work to efficiently adapt and reuse timber buildings for current needs.

For more information on the procedure for Preserving Timber Structures with Non-destructive Evaluation of Critical Joinery, click here

Crovella, P. L. and G. H. Kyanka. 2011. Use of vibration techniques to determine the rotational stiffness of timber joints. Proceedings of the Structural Health Assessment for Timber Structures Conference. Lisbon, Portugal. 12pp.

Crovella, P.L. and G.H. Kyanka 2013. Preserving timber structures with non‐destructive evaluation of critical joinery. Proceedings of 18th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation Symposium. Madison, Wisconsin. 7pp.

  Graduate students and Projects
James Brown

James Brown - I am a first semester graduate student in the Construction and Construction Management program here at ESF.  Currently I am comparing and contrasting the construction issues of onshore and offshore wind projects.  I have always been fascinated with clean forms of energy and feel our country is headed down the path of making these technologies commonplace.  Here at ESF the faculty has done a superb job of both guiding and challenging me along my educational pathway by presenting real world problem for me to solve.  I believe ESF exposes their students to real world concepts that are needed to meet both the traditional and emerging construction management job markets needs.  I invite anyone interested in studying these emerging markets to contact the faculty or myself and come tour our Syracuse facilities.


Alexander Deuell - Alexander matriculated at SUNY ESF in January of 2009 upon graduating from The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, where he received a BA in Environmental Science. Alexander is a working towards his Master's of Science in Construction and Construction Management. His main focus in his coursework as well as research is sustainability. He feels that sustainability is a vital concept to the built environment as well as global society. He is currently is developing his thesis research on performance of building envelope air sealing systems.

"The Department of Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering is a good place for students who already have a well formed idea about where they want to focus their research. I came to the program knowing that I wanted to study sustainable construction, though I did not know what specifically. This has slowed the development of my thesis, as there were no projects sitting on the shelf ready for me to run with. That being said, it does present students with the opportunity to come up with their own unique ideas and projects. The faculty at SUNY ESF is receptive to new and innovative ideas and encourages interdisciplinary partnership and collaboration."

Alexander graduated with an MPS in 2011, and is working as a construction manager in Rochester, NY.

Other Research Projects -

Buiding Deconstruction

Building Deconstruction: an Innovative Approach to Integrating Sustainability into Construction -

Quantifying the Benefits of Rural Deconstruction

Commercial Builidng Airtightness

Crovella, P.L. 2010. A Comparison of Techniques to Measure Commercial Building Infiltration Rates. IAQVEC 2010. Syracuse, NY. 8 pp.

Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Joints


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