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Name: Paul Crovella

Title: Instructor Sustainable Construction Management 

Phone: (315) 470-6839 (voice)
(315) 470-6879
Location: 219 Baker Lab



Light Construction - This is an introductory course to developement, design, construction and building science for light construction projects. Students work in groups to develop a project proposal, determine regulatory requirements, estimate materials and costs, and build structural models of their proposal. The course also covers steel frame, SIP, Straw bale, rammed earth, etc. construction techniques. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment - This course covers the basis of design of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations in commercial and residential construction. Building management systems, commissioning, and the role of energy modeling are also covered. Environmental Performance Measures for Building -As a new metric for construction, measures of the environmental impact from construction are being developed. This course covers the history of standards development, rating systems groups and types of certifications, accreditations, and labeling and methodology for existing building rating systems. Multiple atribute product certifications, tools for life cycle assesment and developing standards are also covered. Sustainable Energy Systems for Buildings - This course focuses on the changes in buildings due to increased energy awareness. Building scale renewable systems (PV, wind, solar thermal) are analyzed on a technical, environmental and economic basis. The second half of the course focuses on changes in the building shell an equipment to improve building energy performance. Building Information Modeling for Construction Managers - This course covers the use of BIM as a tool for constuction management. Topics include estimating, 4D phasing, construction visualization, clash detection. Case studies of integrated project delivery and application of BIM to local projects is included. Engineering Materials for Sustainble Construction - This course will introduce the principal structural materials used for building construction and their engineering properties and environmental impacts.  The production and performance of these materials will be explored through class discussion and laboratory experiments.  The application of each of the materials during sustainable construction processes will be emphasized.


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