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Master of Professional Studies Degree for Syracuse University Students

The joint Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Forest and Natural Resources Management (FNRM) Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) degree is designed for Syracuse University students who are interested in legal careers involved with forest, natural, and environmental resources. As human demands on the environment increase, society needs attorneys who understand the economic, demographic, social, and political issues that drive resource use allocation. Students learn the complexities of managing both resources and people recognizing that resource and environmental decisions involve value-driven conflicts. The degree provides a comprehensive foundation in forest, natural, and environmental resources issues and an understanding of both biophysical and social science.

Students enrolled in the joint J.D./FNRM degree program must earn a minimum of ninety-six (96) credits at both the College of Law and ESF. The J.D. normally requires eighty-seven (87) credits, but joint-degree students must take at least seventy-two (72) Law School credits. Students can transfer fifteen (15) credits from ESF to the College of Law. The M.P.S. degree requires thirty (30) credits, a minimum of twenty-four (24) of which must be ESF courses and six (6) of which may be applied by transfer from coursework at the College of Law.

Students can apply to the joint J.D./FNRM degree program at two points: 1) simultaneously, before entering the College of Law, or 2) after completing the fall semester of study at the College of Law. Applicants applying simultaneously must complete a College of Law application and an ESF graduate application. Applicants applying after enrolling at the College of Law must complete an “internal” College of Law application and ESF graduate application.

Graduate students at Syracuse University may also consider the certificate of graduate studies in environmental decision-making offered through the Department of Environmental Studies.

Contact Faculty Member

Malmsheimer, Robert W., Associate Professor
Forest and Natural Resources Policy and Law
305 Bray Hall, 315-470-6909, rwmalmsh@esf.edu