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Jeremy Frenzel Scholarship for Tropical Ecology Field Experience


The purpose of the Frenzel Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to financially needy and deserving students who wish to participate in the Tropical Ecology field experience currently held in Dominica, W.I.

Award Amount

It is the current intention of the Frenzel family to make annual awards amounting to 1/4 of the course fee; but the family will have the right to increase the amount of the award at their discretion. It is the expectation of the Foundation that awards will not be for less than $500 unless a compelling reason to do so is presented to the Foundation Executive Director.


  • Students will be notified of the availability of the scholarship at the first general interest meeting held to discuss the trip (normally in October)
  • Interested students will complete an application form and return it with a letter of recommendation from a faculty member to the Foundation office approximately 3 weeks from the date of the meeting
  • Frenzel family will review all applications and return a maximum of 3 recommended candidates to the Foundation office no later than December 1
  • Instructor in charge of the trip makes final selection of recipient and notifies recipient before the end of the fall semester
  • Students make down payment for trip by mid-December and final payment by mid-January

Content of Application

  • Student name and contact information
  • Academic year and class year
  • Cumulative grade point average (if known)
  • Short essay (300-500 words) titled “What This Trip Means to Me”
  • An opportunity to provide information on why aid is required or other relevant information
  • Attached letter of support from a faculty member