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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

2010 Tropical Social Forestry Fund

SUNY-ESF students are invited to apply for a grant of up to $1,000 for overseas work in the tropics or subtropics in the area of social forestry. The grant is for travel and living expenses for graduate students engaged in field research or internships in tropical and subtropical regions. American and foreign national students at SUNY-ESF are eligible to apply.

“Social forestry” is defined, for the purpose of this grant program, as relating to the use and management of tropical and subtropical forests and associated natural resources for the benefit of local people and their communities. The term may include activities of both a social science nature (e.g., economics, policy, sociology) and biophysical nature (e.g., silviculture, ecology or soils). Preference will be given to projects conducted in the tropics of the western hemisphere, although those designed for Africa and Asia are also eligible for funding.

A complete application will include the sections: Cover page (with title of project, name and contact information), Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Data Collection and Analysis (include time line for completion of tasks), Budget (indicate how major budget items beyond those covered by this grant will be funded), Expected Results, Literature Cited, Up-to-date Transcript and Letter of Recommendation (from student’s major professor). Successful applicants must demonstrate that their intended project will provide benefits to local villages or communities in their use of natural resources and have value that will enrich the lives of rural people dependent on forests and associated resources. Applicants should include a paragraph that addresses the broader social context for their work and which they will explore during their time in the field aside from merely collecting data. Be sure to discuss level of competence in any foreign language needed. The application should not exceed 5 pages exclusive of cover page, transcript and letter of recommendation.

tropical plantProject applications should be submitted to Allan Drew or Tim Volk, Co-Coordinators of International Forestry, Faculty of Forest and Natural Resources Management, SUNY-ESF by Friday, February 19, 2010 to be eligible to receive funding for the summer, 2010 field season. Grant money must be expended before summer, 2011. Receipt of other grants in support of the same tropical field project does not disqualify the applicant from receiving a Tropical Social Forestry Fund grant. Applications will be evaluated by the International Forestry Committee of the SUNY-ESF Faculty of Forest and Natural Resources Management and the results of the evaluation process will be announced by Friday, March 12, 2010. The award recipient will be asked to submit an abstract about their research and several pictures that can be posted on the International Forestry web site.

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