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Department of Forest & Natural Resources Management
  Session: Fall 2008
FOR322 Forest Mensuration
Links Page
Other Courses in Forest Measurements/Mensuration
  • Australian National University
  • University of Minnesota
Online reference materials
  • USDA FS Agriculture Handbook 654: Silvics of North America
  • University of Minnesota, Extension Note: Sampling and Measuring Timber in the Private Woodland.
  • Ohio State University Fact Sheet:
    Measuring Standing Trees, Determining Diameter, Merchantable Height, and Volume
Florida Forestry Information:
  •   Forest Inventory
  •   Growth and Yield
Forestry Computer Software programs
USDA Forest Service
  •   North Central Research Station
  •   Northern Research Station - NED
  •   Northern Research Station - SILVAH Software
  •   Forest Management Service Center

The School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Silviculture Quantitative Tools
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