Faculty of Forestry SUNY-ESF   Session: Fall 2000
FOR322 Forest Resource Measurements & Analysis

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Other Courses in Forest Measurements/Mensuration
Australian National University http://www.anu.edu.au/Forestry/mensuration/author.htm
University of Minnesota http://mallit.fr.umn.edu/fr4218/
University of Montana http://www.forestry.umt.edu/academics/courses/For202/main.htm
University of West Virginia http://www.forestry.caf.wvu.edu/faculty/coble/FMAN122.html
Online reference materials
Woods of the world http://www.forestworld.com/wow/wowonline_home.html
USDA FS Agriculture Handbook 654: Silvics of North America http://willow.ncfes.umn.edu/silvics_manual/Table_of_contents.htm
Florida Forestry Information:
  •   Forest Inventory
  •   Growth and Yield
Forestry Computer Software programs
USDA Forest Service
  •   Wayne D. Shepperd, Computer Programs
  •   North Central Research Station
  •   Northeastern Research Station - SILVAH Software
  •   Forest Management Service Center
Mississippi State Univ. - Software tools http://www.cfr.msstate.edu/fwrc/software.htm
The School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri-Columbia - Silviculture Quantitative Tools http://pine.snr.missouri.edu/silviculture/tools/index.html
Forest Resources Systems Institute
  •   Software Directory
  •   Free software

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