FOR322/522 Natural Resources Measurements and Sampling is a course in the application of field measurements and sampling designs to quantify the amount, distribution and growth of trees, wood products and biomass within a forest community.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn the various units and vocabulary necessary to describe forest attributes and forest products, so as to communicate with other natural resource professionals and researchers
  2. Learn, understand, compare and discuss a variety of field inventory methodologies utilized in measuring and monitoring natural resources
  3. Learn, understand and discuss the benefits and limitations of commonly used natural resource sampling designs
  4. Learn procedures used to analyze, summarize and present plot and population level data within a specified level of precision
  5. Demonstrate professionalism
  6. Practice working in teams to accomplish tasks, complete projects, and solve problems

Measurable Learning Outcomes or Competencies:

By the end of this course, the student will:

  1. use various field measurement tools properly and efficiently
  2. collect data accurately and efficiently on individual or field plots according to accepted standards
  3. accurately compute summary statistics from field data into information needed by natural resources managers
  4. effectively convert between units of measurement commonly used in natural resources management for describing populations
  5. apply common sampling design theory, including simple random, stratified, systematic, multi-phase, multi-stage, line-intersect and cluster sampling, distance sampling, ratio and regression estimation, for estimating and monitoring populations and assessing the accuracy of the estimates
  6. compare and contrast the relative efficiency of different sampling designs as they apply to natural resources management
  7. professionally present data and information in a form consistent with technical report writing
  8. work effectively in teams
  9. demonstrate professionalism

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