FOR 545


Requirements below must be met in order to receive graduate credit (FOR545).

1. Lab is an integral component of the course. Although there is no formal registrar mechanism for graduate student enrollment in a lab section, you must select a lab section and notify Dr. Briggs so that you can be enrolled.

2. Graduate students must demonstrate a higher level of understanding (compared to undergraduate students) of soil science; typically this is demonstrated by writing a paper that explores a soil science topic of interest relative to your professional interest.

Occasionally, the requirement is met by conducting a project on an aspect of soil science related to your discipline, or by developing and testing a new lab instructional exercise. Although the latter two are rare, they have been used in the past. Both require discussion early in the semester with Dr. Briggs. All topics/projects must be approved by Dr. Briggs.

Grading Criteria Hyperlink

The paper/project report should cover the topic in sufficient depth, demonstrating synthesis of the relevant literature. Typically this translates to 10 - 20 double-spaced pages. Use the format from Soil Science Society of America Journal. The paper must be original (not recycled from another course}. The paper must meet all standards of scientific and academic honesty as defined in the ESF Student Handbook Code of Conduct and the Graduate Student Policies.

The following target dates will help you to organize your work and complete the paper by the end of the semester. I will respond to all submissions (from topic selection to first draft of paper) and acknowledge receipt. If you do not receive a response from me in one business day, I may not be aware of your submission. I am happy to provide feedback as you meet the following deadlines.

Fall 2020 Target Dates for Graduate Student Papers/Projects

September 7 - Selection of topic/project: preliminary title and an outline of paper. Submit word document via email.

October 3 - Preliminary annotated bibliography (about 20 references) formatted according to SSSAJ style manual. Submit word document via email.

November 7 - First draft is due. This is your opportunity to obtain a critical review with detailed comments in sufficient time for you to make revisions. Submit word document via email.

November 24 - Final draft must be submitted by the last day of classes (Word documents will allow me to provide comments and critique].

Updated on Aug, 22, 2020