FOR 694 Writing for Scientific Publication

Authorship Readings

Dickson, J.G., R.N. Conner and K.T. Adair. 1978. Guidelines for Authorship of Scientific Articles. Wildlife Society Bulletin  6(4): 260-261 HTML PDF

Galindo-Leal.   1996.  Ecology 101:  Explicit authorship.  Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 77:219-220.  HTML PDF

Hunt, R. 1991. Trying an authorship index. Nature 352: 187.  PDF

Primack, R.B.,  J.A. Cigliano, and E.C.M. Parsons. 2014.  Editorial: Coauthors gone bad; how to avoid publishing conflict and a proposed agreement for co-author teams.  Biological Conservation 176:  277-280 HTML PDF

Scheiner, S.M.'s response to A.L. Friend's query "By what criteria should individuals be included or excluded from authorship on a peer-reviewed publication, e.g., journal article?"  posted to Ecolog-L, undated.  PDF

Vancouver Protocol

Authorship Exercise



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