Authorship Exercise


1.  Use the point system described by Carlos Galindo-Leal in Ecology 101 (Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, October 1996).  Make a column for each of the possible authors of your paper, and assign points for your various contributions.  Include yourself!













2.  Do the five categories of contributions suggested by Galindo-Leal seem appropriate for your project?  If you prefer, try applying a point system with different categories, such as those suggested by Hunt or Dickson and Conner.













3.  Name your authors, in the order you propose to list them on your publication.





4.  Does your list agree with any objective point system?  If not, what were the other factors that influenced your decision?







5.  Who will you list in your Acknowledgements section?






6.  Identify two or three internal reviewers who might be willing to read your manuscript before it is sent out to a journal (or to this class for peer review).  The fewer authors you have reading your paper, the more you need "friendly" reviewers.




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