Getting Started Exercise

You may find it easiest to answer Question 3 first, then 2, then 1 and 4.


1. Briefly explain why this research is important.  To whom does it matter?  Make your answer relevant to the broadest possible audience.







2. Objectives: What question(s) will you answer with your research?











3.  Describe the results of your work, in a small number of phrases.  These results should answer the question you posed in part 2, above.  If they do not, change your question so that they do.










4.  Write the conclusions to your paper.  The conclusions should relate to the general motivation for the paper that you describe in part 1.  If you accidentally write about your Results, move those statements to the Results.  You may want to revise your answer to part 1 to match the answer you give here.






Getting Started EXAMPLE


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