Knowing Your Journal

Identify five refereed journals in which you feel a manuscript describing your research could be published.  Find and photocopy the most recent instructions to authors published by these journals.  Instructions often appear in the first or last issue of a volume and may appear only once each year in journals that have more than one volume annually.  Alternatively, find them on the publisher's website.


Be prepared to discuss factors that may influence the choice of a journal for your manuscript in the next class.


1.     List two to five factors that are influential in your selection of the most appropriate journal for this particular manuscript.  List them in decreasing order of importance.










2.     Given the factors you listed above, name two to four journals for which you feel your manuscript could be written.  Circle the name of the journal you have selected.








3.     Characterize your perception of the journal you’ve chosen (reputation, audience, overall quality, time to publication, acceptance rate).











4.     Does your journal specify

  1. length of the text

  2. length of the abstract

  3. number of figures or tables

  1. page charges

  1. required sections (must results be separated from discussion?  Is there a separate conclusions or summary section?

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