The Review Process

Instructions for Reviewers
When your manuscript is received by the journal, an associate editor will send it out for review.  Here are examples of the instructions provided to reviewers of manuscripts, from a variety of journals.  If you study them, you can be aware of what the reviewers will be looking for in your paper. (PDF unless otherwise indicated).

Soil Science Society of America Journal
Journal of Forestry
Forest Science
Ecological Society of America Journals (Ecology, Ecological Monographs, Ecological Applications

Canadian Journal of Forest Research (new)
Kluwer Academic Publishing
Northeastern Naturalists
Journal of Ecology HTML

Sample Reviews
When you write a review, it is important to be fair, professional and not personal in your criticism, and to describe the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the paper. Specific examples will help the authors and the editors understand your points. Here are some examples of reviews (all PDF):

Biogeochemistry in Forests
Climatic Change

Forest Ecology and Management: Ex 1 and Ex 2

Journal of Environmental Quality

Mercury and zebra mussels

Plant aluminum concentrations
Trees Ex 1, Ex 2, and Ex 3

as well as an article about reviewing:

Rights and Responsibilities of Peer Reviewers (pdf)

ACS is working on a video series entitled Publishing Your Research 101. Upcoming episode will address:  Responding to reviewer comments and manuscript rejections html

Occasionally, there are funny responses (pdf)

Examples of Responses to Reviews
After you receive a review, unless your paper is rejected, you will be asked to respond to the reviewers' comments. You will need to submit a detailed accounting of your changes (or your reasons for not making changes suggested by the reviewers) as well as the revised manuscript. Here are some examples of responses to reviewers.

Advice from PeerJ on responding to reviews

Yanai-Tree Hg response doc-final 2020

Yanai response to Ecosystems (PDF)
Yanai response to Canadian Journal of Forestry Research

Gonzales and Yanai response to Oecologia-9/27/18

Campbell, et al response to Ecological Indicators-10/25/18

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