The Submission Process

Each journal has a "Guide to Authors" that outlines the order of sections within a paper, word limits, costs (if any), instructions for preparing tables and figures, and formatting requirements for the literature cited.  You can find these on the journal websites.

You may be prompted for additional information when it comes time to submit—key words, cover letter, article type, suggested reviewers, cover art— and it’s unpleasant (and inefficient) to be taken by surprise.

Here are some ppt shows with screenshots of the steps involved in electronic submissions of manuscripts and written summaries provided by students.

Webinar for Journal of American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) that covers the submission process for this journal, about 40 minutes in they discuss the peer review process. Link

Cover letters are often required, which are sometimes quite cursory.  Better cover letters include (especially if requested!) what's new and exciting about this work and why its suited for this journal, and recommended reviewers or why someone might be a particularly poor one.

Any revisions will be uploaded to the same system, as well as your responses to reviewers (see The Review Process )

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