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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

News & Updates

This page will be updated regularly to provide updates to the ESF community about upcoming projects such as timber sales, in-house logging operations, timber stand improvement work, construction, such as building renovations or road repairs, that will impact the use of facilities, large-scale research projects that request to alter the landscape or require exclusive use of an area, and special events sponsored by the Department.

Updates will be archived after the project has been completed or after the comment period has ended.

The American Chestnut Tree Restoration Project

The American Chestnut Tree Restoration Project (Word), with design and fabrication help from students in Dr. Paul Crovella's Applied Structures class are proposing to construct a 16' X 24' pavilion west of the residence at the Lafayette Road Experiment Station. The pavilion will be used to facilitate outreach activities among the experimental activities at Lafayette Road, the home of the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Program. Comments are welcome and can be addressed to Forest Properties Director Bob MacGregor (rsmacgre@esf.edu) by March 22nd, 2021.

Pack Demonstration Forest 2021 Timber Harvest

The Department of Forest Properties is accepting comments for their timber harvest plan for Pack Demonstration Forest in Warrensburg, NY. You can read the proposed plan here. Please submit all comments to Bob MacGregor by March 5th, 2021.

Heiberg Forest Compartment 51 Timber Harvest

The Department of Forest Properties has prepared a timber harvest in Compartment 51. Read the details about the timber harvest (PDF). Harvesting operations are set to begin in the beginning of September, weather pending. Questions or comments about the timber harvest can be sent to forestproperties@esf.edu.

Adaptive Silviculture Project at Heiberg Memorial Forest and Huntington Wildlife Forest

Dr.'s René Germain, Julia Burton, Colin Beier, and John Drake submitted a proposal to use portions of Heiberg and Huntington Forests to research how forests will evolve in the face of climate change. The proposed areas at Heiberg Forest include compartments 111, 30, 19, 20A, 55, and 6. Total acreage is approximately 165 acres. Proposed areas at Huntington Forest are units 107-NH-C, 10-36, 16-11, 15-23, 15-24, and 19-10. Total acreage is approximately 367 acres. Questions or comments about this project can be directed to forestproperties@esf.edu.

Expansion of American Chestnut Project at Lafayette Road Experiment Station

Plans for the project expansion were announced at the March Academic Governance Meeting. The slides from the presentation can be found here. Comments can be submitted to Robert MacGregor. Deadline for comments was April 1st, 2020.