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Educational Study Plan

All educational and professional groups using the resources and/or facilities of the Huntington Wildlife Forest (HWF) must have an approved educational study plan. We require the intended educational outcomes of your visit be described, a detailed agenda of the program be developed, and a method for post evaluation of the program be incorporated into the visit. An educational study plan must be submitted for each group and occasion of use. Overnight use of the HWF will also require an accommodation reservation - contact the Guest Services Manager at newcomb@esf.edu or (518) 582-4551 ext 101.

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Expected number of Faculty/Supervisors:

Expected number of Students:

Faculty Advisor:

Faculty Advisor's Email:

Responsibility of Teacher(s)/Chaperone(s):
Once the instructional study plan has been reviewed by AEC Program Staff and accepted, the teacher(s)/chaperone(s) must agree to the following conditions:

  • All accommodation or use fees related to the program will be paid.
  • Teacher(s)/chaperone(s) have read and understood the "Huntington Wildlife Forest Policies and Guidelines" (available at www.esf.edu/newcomb/facilities/policies.htm).
  • All AEC equipment will be returned in good working condition.
  • Damaged or non-functioning equipment and furnishings will be reported promptly.
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Type your name in the signature box. By doing so, you agree to and understand the guidelines and acknowledge that this application will be submitted for review.

Your plan will be reviewed and you will be notified if a potential conflict exists with research or other educational programs. If there are any conflicts, we will work with you to modify the educational study plan so your objectives can be met. We look forward to your visit.