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Research Study Plan Adirondack Ecological Center

All research projects occurring on the Huntington Wildlife Forest (HWF) and/or researchers utilizing the resources of HWF must have an approved research study plan. This plan is valid for one year only, ending June 30th. It maybe renewed via phone or email for the duration of the project. One research study plan must be submitted for each research project and/or student(s) working on portions of a larger project (see bottom of page for plan/map submission instructions).

Caution: Please use the TAB key when nagivating inbetween fields. Hitting enter will submit the document.

Your Contact Information:

Co-PIs and/or other staff on Project:

Student Advisor or Major Professor:

Review items below and respond briefly to those pertinent to your study:

  • Equipment to be located on site (location, type, etc.)
  • On-site construction (towers, buildings, roads, racks, etc.)
  • Laboratory/office space requirements.
  • Specialized equipment needs (boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, backhoe, etc.)
  • Hazardous materials used at study site or in lab.
  • Special on-site considerations.
  • Need for on-site technical assistance.

All research study plans that involve the capture or handling of verebrate animals will require an approved Animal Handling Study Protocol from ESF. Protocols from other institutions may be acceptable.Please provide a copy (email or USPS) of the institutional protocol to the AEC for review.

Once the research study plan has been reviewed and accepted, the Principal Investigator and all researchers must agree to the following conditions:

  • All accommodation or use fees related to the project will be paid.
  • A copy of any and all publications (including theses) resulting from this research will be provided to the AEC.
  • All AEC research equipment will be returned in good working condition.
  • All non-AEC research equipment, including non-permanent plot marking material, will be removed from HWF.

Please send or email the following to newcomb@esf.edu, or mail to Adirondack Ecological Center, 6312 State Route 28N, Newcomb, NY 12852

  • Maps of study site locations (property map of USGS quad sheets)
  • Copy of research proposal
  • Field data collection sheet
By clicking the check box, you agree to and understand the guidelines and acknowledge that this application will be submitted for review.

Your plan will be reviewed and you will be notified if a potential conflict exists with other research projects. If there are conflicts, we will work with you to modify the research study plan so your objectives can be met.