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Payment Request



Please attach all invoices. Obtain authorized signature certifying reasonableness and necessity of purchase. Submit to the Development Office, Centennial Hall, attention: Michelle Coyne. Allow ample processing time.
Payment Request Instructions(for payments not requiring a purchase order to a vendor):
  • Be sure that all vendor (payee) information is accurately provided. If a check is being mailed, please be sure that the proper remittance address is provided.
  • The individual requesting the payment should be listed on the “Requisitioned By” line, and the Fund Administrator (e.g., authorized signatory) should be listed on the “Approved By” line. The appropriate Fund Administrator should also sign the form.
  • Include the proper ESF College Foundation account number (e.g., S0999) in the left column and a brief description of the materials or service in the center column. Please be sure the total of the amounts in the right hand column agree with the documentation attached.
  • Please be sure all invoices or other supporting documentation for payment are attached.
  • Submit the form and attachments to Michelle Coyne, Centennial Hall.