e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry


*The following list identifies ESF and SU courses related to GIS.

Course number Course title Sem Credits Size Instructor Level Primary subject area Grad / Ugrad Secondary customer(s) Prerequisites
FOR 442/642 Watershed Ecology and Management F 3 Stella Appl Ecology Ugrad
ERE 621 Spatial Analysis F 3 15 Mountrakis Adv. GIS/Statistics Grad Undergrad  GIS and statistics
ERE 553 Intro to Spatial Info F 1 6 Quackenbush Intro GIS Grad Cont. Ed.
ERE 693 GIS-based modeling F 3 [Staff] Adv. GIS Grad Undergrad GIS
ERE 622 Digital Image Analysis S 3 10 Mountrakis Adv. RS Grad Undergrad
ERE 596 Artificial Intelligence in Geography F 1 10 Mountrakis Adv. RS/GIS Grad
ERE 371 Surveying for Engineers F 4 65 Quackenbush Intro Surveying Ugrad Grad Calculus
ERE 566 Intro to GPS F 1 6 Quackenbush Intro. Grad
ESF 300 Intro to GIT F 3 75 [Staff] Intro. Ugrad
ENS 519 Spatial Ecology S e [Staff] Adv. GIS Grad Modeling, Ecology, & GIS
EFB 519 Geographic Modeling S 3 [Staff] Adv. GIS Grad Modeling, Ecology, & GIS
ERE 551 GIS for Engineers S 3 30 Quackenbush Interm. GIS Grad Cont. Ed. Surveying
FOR 557 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems F 3  32 Bevilacqua Intro. GIS Grad Undergrad/Cont. Ed.
ESF 300 Intro to GIT S 3 120 Bevilacqua Intro GIS Ugrad Cont. Ed.
ERE 692 RS of Environment S 3 [Staff] Adv. RS Grad Undergrad Princ. of RS
ERE 365/ 565 Princ. Of Remote Sensing S 4 40 Mountrakis Intro. RS Ugrad Surveying
APM 671 Map Accuracy Assessment S (even years) 1 20 Stehman Appl. Statistics Grad Cont. Ed. Statistics
FOR 796 Advanced GIS S 3 n/a Badruddin Adv. Grad Working knowledge of ArcGIS
IST 459 Introduction to Database Management Systems 3 SU IST 352
CIS 798 Data Mining 3 SU
GEO 583 Environmental Geographic Information Science 3 SU GEO383
GEO 383/683 Geographic Information Systems 3 SU
GEO 388/688 Geographic Information and Society 3 SU
GEO 681 Map Design 3 SU - Monmonier
GEO 381 Cartographic Design 3 SU
GEO 386 Quantitative Geographical Analysis SU SST 101, MAT 121, MAT183 and MAT221