SUNY Conversations in Disciplines:
Resiliency of Great Lakes to Climate and Storm Events
May 22-23, 2013 at Gateway Center, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse NY

A. Hurricane Sandy Fact Sheets

1. Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Sandy_2013.pdf
2. Hurricane Sandy Fact Sheet_2012.pdf
3. Hurricane Sandy FEMA Advisory_2012.pdf
4. National Hurricane Center Report on Sandy_2012.pdf
5. New York District Times Hurricane Sandy Edition.pdf
6. NOAA Responding to Hurricane Sandy_2012.pdf
7. NOAA Sandy Assessment_2013.pdf
8. OMB Letter to House Speaker on Funding Needs post Sandy_2012.pdf
9. Rebuilding After Sandy_2013.pdf
10. Sandy Damage Assessment_2013
11. Sandy Impact on NASA Wallops Island, VA Facility_2013.pdf
12. Sandy Impacts Presentation_2012
13. Sandy Rapid Assessment Impacts on Shorebirds_2012.pdf
14. Sandy's Impact on Caribbean States_2012.pdf
15. Sandy's Impacts on Coastal Habitats_2012
16. Sandy’s Effects On Housing In NYC_2013.pdf
17. Sewage Overflows from Hurricane Sandy_2013
18. Transportation During and After Sandy_2012

B. Climate Change Plans and Documents from Various States

1. California Climate Change and Integrated Water Management_2012.pdf
2. California Climate Change Water Resources Lit Review_2003.pdf
3. California Climate Change WhitePaper_2008.pdf
4. Colorado Climate Change Report_2008.pdf
5. Florida Climate Change and Sea Level Rise_2010
6. Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group Report_2007.pdf
7. Iowa Climate Adaptation and Resilience Report_2011
8. La Crosse, Wisconsin Climate change study.pdf
9. Maryland Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change_2008
10. Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report_2011.pdf
11. Nevada Climate Change Report_2008.pdf
12. New Jersey Climate Alliance_2013.pdf
13. New Mexico Potential Effects of Climate Change_2005
14. New York ClimAID Report_2011.pdf
15. New York Climate Action Plan Interim Report_2010.pdf
16. North Dakota Economic Impacts of Climate Change_2008
17. NY State 2100 Commission Report_2013.pdf
18. Ontario Climate Change Adaptation Report_2011.pdf
19. Oregon Gov. Report on Climate Change_2008.pdf
20. Pennsylvania Climate Change Action Plan_2009.pdf
21. South East Florida Regional Climate Action Plan_2012.pdf
22. Virginia Eastern Shore CC Adaptation Report Final_2011.pdf
23. Virginia Governor's Climate Action Plan_2008.pdf
24. Washington State Climate Impact Assessment_2009.pdf
25. Washington State's Integrated Climate Change Strategy_2012.pdf
26. Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts_2011.pdf
27. Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Working Group Report

C. Reports on Climate Change and Great Lakes

1. Adaptation Policy in the Great Lakes Paper_2008.pdf
2. Adapting to Climate Change in Great Lakes Coastal Zone_2006
3. Adapting to Climate Change in Great Lakes_2011.pdf
4. Adapting to Climate Change in the Great Lakes Symposium Proceedings_1997.pdf
5. Climate Change and Great Lakes Water Resources_2007.pdf
6. Factsheet Confronting Climate in the Great Lakes Region_2003.pdf
7. GL evaporation model Estimates_2005.pdf
8. Great Lakes Climate Change Discussion Booklet_2007.pdf
9. Great Lakes Climate Change_2003.pdf
10. Great Lakes Climate Mitigation and Adaptation paper_2010
11. Sea Grant Great Lakes Climate Workshop Report_2009.pdf

D. Miscellaneous Reports and Papers

1. Adapting to Climate Change_Infrastructure Public Policy Paper_2009.pdf
2. Anticipating Climate Change impacts on Infrastructure_2011.pdf
3. Climate and Water Readiness (NRDC)_2012.pdf
4. Climate Beliefs and Perceptions_2011.pdf
5. Climate Change and Agriculture Report (USDA)_2013.pdf
6. Climate Change and Chesapeake Bay_2008.pdf
7. Climate Change and Disaster Reduction_2008.pdf
8. Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning (EPA)_2011.pdf
9. Climate Change Indicators_USEPA_2012.pdf
10. Climate Change Key Messages_2008.pdf
11. Climate101 Adaptation_2011.pdf
12. Confronting Climate Change in the Gulf Coast Region_2001
13. Confronting Climate Change in the US Northeast_2007.pdf
14. Forest Sector Report on Climate Change_2012.pdf
15. Forest Service Roadmap for Climate Change_2010.pdf
16. Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience_2010.pdf
17. GLISA Climate Change Summary_2012.pdf
18. Guidebook for Local, Regional and State Governments_2007.pdf
19. Higher Education's Role in Adapting to Climate Change
20. IJC climate change 2003.pdf
21. IPCC Synthesis Report (Summary for Policy Makers)_2007
22. National Water Program Strategy in Response to Climate Change_2012
23. New Orleans and Resilience to Climate Change_2011
24. State of Adaptation in the Great Lakes_2012.pdf
25. Stern Review Economics of Climate Change_2006.pdf
26. Water Scarcity and Climate Change_2009.pdf
27. Waterfowls and Wetlands Amid Climate Change_2007.pdf

Prepared by Imran Khalid, Great Lakes Research Consortium Intern, May 2013.