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Deep Energy Retrofit Symposium

Virtual attendance only as in-person attendance is at capacity.


With New York state's ambitious decarbonization and deep energy retrofit (DER) goals, the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) ecosystem is tasked with developing retrofit approaches for thousands of existing buildings in our cold-climate state. Industry and research teams are working to produce solutions that address key design criteria of substantially improved building energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality. At the same time, solutions must address criteria of replicability, scalability, and improved cost models. Recently completed retrofit projects and research have demonstrated important relationships between design decision-making, process and project delivery innovation, and other factors that influence retrofit outcomes. Current industry and research practices limit the ability of retrofit teams to effectively gather and apply key project information and insights and data to build upon lessons learned and improve project outcomes. With the urgent imperative of climate change and associated developments in policies and standards, we present the Deep Energy Retrofits Symposium as a knowledge-sharing event where members of the AEC industry and research community will present innovations, research findings, and discourse among professionals who are undertaking various aspects of the challenges of developing deep energy retrofit approaches for New York and the surrounding cold-climate region.


Location: Syracuse Center of Excellence, Conference Room 203

Note: 11:00 AM tour cancelled due to weather conditions. Program begins at 12:00pm at the Syracuse Center of Excellence.

Time (ET)


12:00 PM Lunch in Conference Room 203
12:30 PM Lunch time Keynote Speaker: Martha Campbell, RMI
1:00 PM Presentation I - Research
2:00 PM Coffee Break
2:15 PM Presentation II - Practice
4:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Developing Retrofit Approaches in Practice & Augmenting through Research

Moderated by Retrofit New York / NYSERDA

4:50 PM Closing Remarks

Cost: Free

To attend only the Deep Energy Retrofit Symposium: You can choose to only register for this event by following the conference registration link, choose student or professional as your registration type, and on the 2nd page of registration, choose Deep Energy Retrofit only.

To attend the Deep Energy Retrofit Symposium & the NYS Green Building Conference: If you'd like to attend the conference, you can register for that and then select Deep Energy Retrofit as a session.




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