e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Green Campus Initiative

GCI is a student club all about making ESF greener and more sustainable!

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The primary goals of GCI are...

  • Implement and manage green and sustainable initiatives on campus
  • Monitor and reduce waste of all campus operations and activities
  • Practice what we teach and learn in our classes at ESF
  • Provide hands-on sustainability training and learning opportunities
  • Foster a culture of sustainability awareness & action in the campus and local community

Current and developing GCI projects include...

  • Aerated Composting - Learn about static aerated composting and help green ESF's waste management operations. Work first hand with this campus sustainability project and learn valuable skills to establish and manage these systems anywhere.
  • Bike-Friendly Campus - Work to make ESF more bike friendly than we already are! Possible initiatives include more bike parking, more covered bike parking, bike lanes, bike loan, bike signage on campus and in the community.
  • Clothing Swap and Free Store - Once every semester, bring your clothes and anything you are ready to part with and leave with something new! A great eco-friendly way to clean out your closets and apartments at the end of the semester!
  • Documentary Night - An old favorite of GCI, get together a few times a year to watch and discuss and environmental documentary.
  • Earth Week - GCI is active in the organization and management of the many fun events of ESF's week long celebration of the one who makes it all possible, Mother Earth!
  • GCI Garden – Join our newly established campus garden, located at ESF's Lafayette Field Station only a few miles from capus. Opportunities to plant, maintain, and harvest all year round!
  • Green Energy - Get involved with the numerous alternative energy projects around campus including biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, delamping, conservation and efficiency awareness, biomass energy, etc.
  • Green Fees - Advocate for a 'green fee' to help support renewable energy and other green projects. A small contribution from everyone could go a long way! Also explore the possibility for establishing a student account for all funds saved by student led initiatives.
  • Green Orientation - Explore the possibility for developing a green orientation program for incoming students to equip them with information and tools they need to help keep ESF green and sustainable!
  • Lights Out! Sticker & Awareness - Help continue the effort started in Spring 2010 to design, approve, and post an energy conservation awareness sticker above every light switch on campus.
  • Outreach & Community Service - Help spread the influence and impact of GCI into the local community and beyond! Many people and organizations contact GCI to help green their businesses, projects, and events in the community.
  • Potlucks, Parties, Camping, and Outings - As if we didn't have enough fun greening our campus!
  • Recycling - Work with ESF staff and administration to improve recycling efforts on campus. "Blue Ribbon" recycling certification, improved facilities and signage, "Recycle Mania" and other special events and recycling contests.
  • Recycled Notebooks - Help make high quality recycled notebooks from re-used paper and cereal boxes. Reduces waste, raises money for other club projects, and makes a very cool recycled product! Focus is on capturing a progressively larger waste stream and turning it into more notebooks!
  • Ride Board - Help bring back the ride board at ESF to promote carpooling to and from campus every day and over breaks.
  • Special Events - Organize and hold sustainability focused forums and teach-ins on campus. GCI puts on at least one event each semester that attract high profile speakers and hundreds of students, faculty, and local community members.
  • Waste, Energy, and Sustainability Audits - Assist in monitoring and assessment projects to help GCI and ESF narrow our focus on the best projects to tackle next and the effectiveness of existing sustainable campus infrastructure.
  • Zero-Waste Events - GCI has been successfully hosting and organizing Zero-Waste Events at ESF since 2009. Help the effort to make all events on campus Zero-Waste!
  • New Projects - New projects and ideas are constantly flowing to and from GCI. Help sort through the many existing opportunities or bring your own unique projects that you are passionate about to the table!

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and ideas!